Best hamburgers in Madrid

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Hamburgers, with their history, are a perfect dish to be enjoyed by adults and children alike. Originally from Hamburg – despite the cultural appropriation of the same from the United States – the practicality in its preparation has crossed all borders to become one of the most tasted delicacies for those who want a simple dish, but extremely delicious.

Its ease to adapt to all tastes, since they can be combined with almost any existing ingredient, its delicious taste and its thousand and one versions make burgers a dish that you can enjoy at any time.

From Barbieri Real Estate, specialists in rental properties, we show you some places where you can enjoy the best burgers in Madrid to enjoy alone, with your partner, family or friends.

The best places to have burgers in Madrid

Best hamburgers in Madrid


With several locations in the heart of Madrid, Home Burger Bar will be a gastronomic experience that will not leave anyone indifferent. Its explosion of flavor, along with the pleasant texture and perfect point of the meat will make you want to repeat the experience a thousand times.

In addition, Home Burger Bar is a chain that has top quality products and 100% organic meat and certified organic livestock from the mountains of Avila, where the preparation combines taste and common sense.

The result: a wide variety of traditional hamburgers and more innovative proposals with all the flavor and quality that a fast-food dish can offer.


One of the discoveries of Madrid has been Burnout, located in the middle of Fuencarral street. This unique restaurant has become on its own merits a reference hamburger restaurant in the Madrid scene.

It has a small terrace on the street with stools and high tables and a spacious dining room decorated with a style that will not leave anyone indifferent. Its menu is certainly simple, but no less special. Starring mainly selected meat burgers and brioche bread also has an accompaniment of fries with rosemary salt that will make you want to repeat every day of the week.


Good meats make, without a doubt, better hamburgers. And this is the case of Alfredo’s, possibly one of the first American-style hamburgers that Madrilenians have been able to taste in the capital, which opened its doors in 1981.

Decorated in the purest American style, for three decades thousands of hamburgers have been served to the rhythm of country music. Immerse yourself in the United States without leaving Madrid and leave room for dessert. If the burgers are to die for, their brownie and cheesecake will leave you speechless.

hamburgers in Madrid


Despite its short life, Food Truck has become one of the best hamburger restaurants in Madrid thanks to the taste and appearance of its wonderful burgers. Here they prepare from towers of hamburgers to a gigantic one of about two kilos of meat suitable for the most gluttonous.

As if that were not enough, Food Truck Madrid also stands out for its variety of fast-food dishes of the highest quality and for all tastes: hot dogs, tapas, crepes, sandwiches and a long etcetera that will make you want to repeat again and again.

The best hamburgers at home delivery in Madrid


From the hand of Aleix Puig, winner of Masterchef 7 and after conquering Barcelona, opens in Malasaña, Vicio, a hamburger restaurant that has broken all the schemes selling up to 12,000 burgers a week in the city.

Its bet: classic burgers, good meat with toasted flavor, brioche bread and a rebellious and cool image that are only served at home in a relentless attempt to offer the best flavor in record time without leaving home (at least, for the moment).

Anyone who orders Vicio will have to choose – not an easy thing to do – between up to seven varieties of its star product, the smash burger, and its corresponding side of different types of fries.



Another delivery bet that grew like foam in the times of quarantine, but that was just as quick to break away from the fast-food label. Nugu Burger’s gourmet hamburgers have been one of those bets that have triumphed during these months among young and old.

The key to success? A good product, creativity, innovative technique (their dishes are finished cooking on the way to your house) and word of mouth from customers.

The menu is simple, accessible, with good starters, better burgers and generous desserts. For the moment they do not have physical premises, although probably, thanks to this, the essence of the project is maintained.


Without a physical restaurant, but with its hamburgers, sandwiches and desserts in delivery and take away format, Hard Rock Café has returned to Madrid with a new format.

One of the iconic places in the capital – and in many cities – to which both locals and tourists flocked for its atmosphere and American cuisine, recently gave us bad news when they announced that they were closing their establishment. But they are back, they have only “moved” and they have done it in style: with a great taste (the same as always) and a service, this time, a little different.

The new establishment is located in the Barceló market near the Malasaña neighborhood, but we’re sorry to tell you that you won’t be able to go inside. In its new location, Hard Rock has created what they call the dark kitchen (a place where orders are prepared at home, but without a table area). However, Hard Rock Café’s most emblematic burgers are still available on the menu along with other typical American options.

It couldn’t be easier to bring some of the most delicious rock back to your home.

The best burger chains in Madrid


Goiko Grill is a fast-food restaurant founded in 2013 and has quickly become a must for burger lovers in Madrid thanks to the quality of its products and the originality that overflows.

The variety of its dishes, its wide range of starters to share, the plurality in the side dishes and its modern and fresh style have made Goiko a place of reference for all those who want to enjoy a good fast-food delicacy without sacrificing the quality and taste of the products.

With family, couple or friends, going to Goiko will always be a good idea.



What they say are Barack Obama’s favorite burgers, landed in Madrid by 2018 and since then they have become one of the favorite options of Madrid locals and visitors.

Like many locals, it has several establishments in the capital and they say of themselves that you have more than 250,000 possibilities to create your burger, among which 15 free toppings to choose from in order to customize our delicacy to taste.

At Five Guys you can enjoy heart attack burgers and fries in the purest American style!

Over the years, Madrid has become a gastronomic reference, expanding the possibilities for locals and tourists alike. Its great variety, together with the quality of flavors and products make Madrid a place where you can enjoy all the possibilities. In addition, many of the best hamburger restaurants in Madrid are located in the heart of the city, simplifying and shortening the distances between tourist landmarks – such as museums, parks and places of interest – and places to eat.

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