Which are the best markets in Madrid?

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Going shopping can be a much more fun activity than you imagine. And it is that there are not only supermarkets, but Madrid has more than 45 markets, located in different areas of the city where you can do much more than buy food.

These markets offer food products of all kinds; from poultry, fish, meat, sweets, etc. Even artisanal products and prepared dishes to take away. Many of them have tapas bars or restaurants, on many occasions, organized into stalls for all those who want to go buy a product or simply have dinner, lunch or a drink accompanied by friends, family or a partner.

Without a doubt, the capital leaves no one indifferent and this gastronomic activity can be a perfect plan for the weekend.

From Barbieri Real Estate, specialists on rental housing, we offer you a list of some of the best markets that the capital has to offer. Visiting them is worth it and the occasion is also worth it.


San Antón market

Located in the Chueca neighborhood and renovated between 2007-2011, the San Antón Market has three floors in its building. On the 1st floor, you can find a multitude of products to buy, such as: meats, vegetables, sausages or fruits.

On the 2nd floor, there are various food stalls that offer a wide variety of cuisine to their customers. From Greek to Japanese specialties, also including several typical spanish food stalls. Quite a challenge for adventurers to try new flavors, and there is no better option than international food.

food products in the markets

If you go up to its 3rd and last floor, you will find the new space created and called “11 Nudos Terraza Nordés”, where you can enjoy its menu that includes the best of the sea and the land, accompanied by an exquisite selection of cocktails and drinks for : “the aperitif, the afternoon and the evening”.

Of course, the evening will be accompanied by pleasant views of the Chueca neighborhood and the possibility of watching the sunset.


San Fernando market

Located on Calle de Embajadores, it is the classic Abastos market renovated in the San Fernando market. It is also the municipal market of the Lavapiés neighborhood.

It is a place where you can find products of all kinds that integrate the traditional with the modern; the perfect gastronomic mix. In addition, they offer other types of services, from a pharmacy or a hairdresser to a book-by-weight offal store and a handcrafted textile dyeing workshop (Studio Folklore).

books offal by weight

All this, combined with a pleasant atmosphere and a cultural touch, taking into account the different origins of its gastronomic offer: Madrid, Asturias, Germany, Peru, Japan, Mexico, Uruguay, etc.

There is no doubt that the San Fernando Market is a multipurpose center and much more than a simple market.


Mostenses market

Located in Plaza de España and close to Gran Vía, is the Mercado de Mostenses under a building with a “rationalist air”. This place has a peculiar character because it offers, on the one hand, fresh and essential products for everyday life and, on the other hand, it offers: Korean products, an Iranian caviar dispensary and a Chinese darner.

It has three floors where its more than one hundred stalls are distributed with a wide variety of food and, especially, oriental and Latin American cuisine.

oriental food in the Mostenses market

In addition, they offer other services such as their florist, a hairdresser or reprographics.

This market is an ideal place to try new dishes, make a good purchase and take the opportunity to take a walk through the center of the capital, thanks to its central location.


Ibiza market Madrid

Located on Calle Ibiza and near the Retiro, is the Ibiza Market in Madrid. It is a space converted into a large restaurant in which they are committed to renewed traditional flavors.

It has two floors that offer a modern style with a detailed decoration. They bet on the freshest and best quality products to provide the best customer experience and you can also choose to have lunch or dinner inside or enjoy their dishes on their terrace, at street level.

restaurant of the Ibiza market in Madrid

One of its advantages is the possibility of ordering at home through the Delivery App or picking it up at the establishment and taking it home. A convenient way to try all your dishes; Of course, when reading the menu, it already smells like food and everything looks exquisite.


San Idelfonso market Madrid

Located in the heart of the city, on Calle Fuencarral, is the San Idelfonso market. It is inspired by the Street Food Markets of other cities such as London or New York and offers a different concept of leisure that revolves around gastronomy.

It has 20 high-quality gastronomy stalls distributed over three floors, in addition to two semi-covered terraces to enjoy its immense variety of dishes already prepared to eat in the establishment, which differentiates this market from others that encompass a more traditional.

good environment in the San Idelfonso market

It is defined as a “meeting place” where you can not only eat, but also have a drink and quench your thirst in one of its three bars surrounded by a good atmosphere and accompanied by your best friends. A perfect Saturday plan!


Aluche market of Madrid

Located on Calle Quero, is the Aluche Market. A classic space in pure traditional style. Also called “Boisan Market”, where you can find all kinds of good quality food products.

It is a small space, but it offers all the necessary services to make the purchase and find fresh products at a good price, such as: fish, meat, vegetables, fruit…

fresh products

It can be said that Saturday is the busiest day, so it is better to go another day of the week and take a little of everything.


San Isidro market of Madrid

Like others, the San Isidro market is a municipal market located in the district of Carabanchel. This space has three access points (C. San Patricio, C. San Niceto and C. San Braulio) although it is recommended to enter through one of the first two streets mentioned.

The market has a multitude of services including meat, vegetables, seafood, poultry, etc.

varied gastronomic offer

On the other hand, it has a food space with several stores; the San Benito bar to take a break and have a drink and other services, such as: haberdashery, shoe store, clothing repair shop, etc.


Chamberí market of Madrid

Located in the Chamberí neighborhood, on Alonso Cano Street, is the Chamberí Market. In the first place, it has gastronomic services to buy all kinds of products (butcher, fish, cheese, charcuterie, poultry, olives and variants, etc.) in addition to offering various takeaway stalls that make up a varied gastronomy.

However, you can choose to stay on site and enjoy a delicious lunch or dinner there. They also have two fashion services for their clients, from an accessories and men’s clothing store to a particular dressmaker in the market, Nancy.

el reloj de Chamberí

But, you can’t forget to stop by El Reloj de Chamberí, where you will find the latest news in culinary products of the highest quality. Or you can also visit the Lambuza store and enjoy the flavors of the south of Spain, in this case, from Cádiz.


Madrid surprises more every day and if its gastronomic offer had to be qualified with a note, it would be, without a doubt, a well-deserved 10. Now you know that doing the weekly shopping can become an afternoon full of laughter, flavors and with toasts included .

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