What to do in Madrid this weekend?

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Madrid is a city that is characterized by being a very charming tourist place for both Spanish and international tourists. It is a city that falls in love with the beauty of each street that makes it up, such as the majestic Gran Vía in Madrid. From its squares and monuments to getting the best plans to do in a weekend.

I assure you that if you stay for a week in Madrid, you will want to stay for a whole month.

From Barbieri Real Estate, specialists in rental housing, we offer you some irresistible plans to get lost in the capital of Spain. Enjoy them!

este fin de semana en madrid

Things to do in Madrid this weekend

A weekend in Madrid is moved by the infinity of activities that it offers and this depends on whether you want to visit the royal theater with a friend. If you dream of doing the Bernabéu tour with your partner, if you want to swim in the natural pools with your mother or if you meet children in Madrid, without hesitation you will find a splendid plan to have fun.

tour por el santiago bernabeu

If you are one of those people who likes the outdoors and moving from one place to another. You have a very long list of places to visit this weekend in Madrid.

Guided visits

Many people need a guide to take them to various sites with a set time to stay at the site because this is the only way they will see many parts in a weekend. Madrid is full of guided tours to take advantage of every second. If you are one of those who are looking for activities for children in Madrid, the visits will be useful for the children to be distracted and have fun.

The ideal getaway with children is to the Matadero Madrid, a great arts center that everyone from the oldest to the youngest will enjoy.

el matadero de madrid

Manzanares el Real will be a good choice for you if you want to immerse yourself in nature, a place that offers you trails, wonderful monuments and even the amazing Castle of Manzanares el Real. If you are a true adventurer and a lover of flora, you can also visit the Royal Garden.

castillo manzanares el real

If you are curious about history and religion, without hesitation you should go to the Royal Basilica of San Francisco El Grande, which offers you a gigantic architecture that will leave you enchanted.

castillo manzanares el real

Plans to do in Madrid this weekend

Madrid is the city of culture. At any time of the year you will get the best plans in Madrid. You can have fun from the best musicals in all of Europe, to a larger plan such as summer cinema with acting and quality art, if you are lucky enough to coincide on a Sunday in Madrid, you could be part of a pride party or even visit the Association of women and society.

Something that characterizes Madrid is that they are defenders of the rights of all citizens of the world. Madrid is a space that offers you knowledge and reflection. If you want to plan something to do in Madrid, you can take these recommendations into account

Concerts and theater

Madrid is the same as flamenco. Any weekend you find yourself in this city you can enjoy a good flamenco theater, where you can enjoy a good dose of Spanish culture.There’s also plenty to do if you’re passionate about acting. You can get theater and cinema in all its genres. There is cinema for all tastes, from a bit of romance to black humor.

teatro y cultura en madrid

If you want to listen to good music with acting, you can be part of theater concerts or if you are inclined towards art, from time to time the temporary exhibitions in the exhibition theater are renewed.But if you are one of those who likes an international festival because they offer you a program so that you stay almost all day watching a little of everything, you will also be lucky enough to enjoy the benefits that this city offers you.

So, do you dare to know every corner of the beautiful city of Madrid?


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