What to Do in Madrid in Summer

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Almost without realizing it, spring has arrived and in no time we will welcome summer. Whether for pleasure or by obligation you may be wondering what to do in Madrid in summer this year.

A year, again atypical, but that seems to give us a respite as there are many summer events scheduled. Keep reading this article and discover all the plans you can do this summer in Madrid.

How is the summer in Madrid

Summer in Madrid begins on June 21 and ends on September 21. It is a season with the average minimum temperature of 13 ºC and the maximum of 32 ºC. As it is located in the center and interior of Spain, the climate in Madrid in summer is quite dry. The thermal sensation can reach over 40ºC.

The days have approximately 12 hours of sunshine and it almost never rains. The months that correspond to the summer in Madrid and in Europe are June, July and August, the latter is the hottest month of the season. If you visit the city during this month, remember to bring cool clothes, sunscreen, and drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.

What to do in Madrid in Summer – Leisure

Summers are dry and can get very hot, with an average temperature close to 35ºC in July and August, but don’t be discouraged, you can seek relief in the many swimming pools in the center and surrounding areas.

During these months, moreover, the days are longer and the activity of the city is postponed to the late afternoon and evening and moves to the terraces, at street level and high altitude. In August the city becomes quieter as many Madrileños go on vacation, although from August 6 to 15 the Cayetano, Lavapiés and La Paloma festivals, some of the most fun outdoor celebrations in the city, usually take place. At the end of this month and during September, temperatures cool down considerably.

Few plans are more Madrilenian than to “terraceo” with a few good beers and a tasty “picoteo”. The Castilian neighborhoods of Salamanca and Chamberí are home to some of the most famous terraces in the capital.

Best terraces of Madrid in Chamberíterrazas-que-hacer-en-madrid-en-verano

⭐ Fortuny
⭐ Cyrclo
⭐ Habanera
⭐ Mama Campo
⭐ Perrachica

Best terraces of Madrid in Salamanca

⭐ Ramses
⭐ Marieta
⭐ Terraza ABC Serrano
⭐ Florida Retiro
⭐ El Escondite de Villanueva
⭐ Lamucca

Popular festivals in Madrid in summer

August is par excellence the month of popular festivals in Madrid. When it seems that the city is less active, various events are celebrated in the center of the Spanish capital.
The history and tradition of Madrid cannot be understood without its famous verbenas, three of which are held consecutively and in adjoining neighborhoods during the month of August (from August 6 to 15 in 2021). They begin with that of San Cayetano, in the Rastro/Embajadores area, continue with that of San Lorenzo, in Lavapiés, and end with the most important and largest of all, that of La Paloma, in La Latina.

Fiestas populares que hacer en madrid en verano

For two weeks, the most traditional streets of the city enjoy its most typical flavors and sounds, especially in the evening, when the heat drops and you feel like having a cool drink and some tapas in the many bars that the bars in the area set up on these dates.

Its program of activities ranges from games, children’s contests or mus championships, to performances by orchestras and pop groups, tapas routes or the procession of the saint or the virgin being honored.

Summer cinemas

Madrileños and Madrileñas know that there is no sky more beautiful than the one that covers the city in summer. And what better way to enjoy the enclosed darkness and the soft coolness of the night than with a good movie The summer cinemas are open again, although not all of them are back this summer due to the restrictions imposed by the covid-19.

✔️ Cine de verano San Blas-Canillejas
✔️ Veranos de Latina
✔️ Cine de verano Instituto Francés
✔️ Fescinal
✔️ Cineplaza de verano
✔️ Cine de verano
✔️ Autocine Madrid RACE Grease
✔️ Solar Maravillas. Cine de verano
✔️ Cine de verano casa museo Lope de Vega

What to do in Madrid in summer – Main events 2021

This summer there are already scheduled events such as Mad Cool, the Rio Babel Festival, among others. We will have to wait a little to see if they can be held as they are multitudinous.
You can check the official agenda of events of the city council of MADRID to keep abreast of developments.

Whether you are thinking of spending a few days in summer in Madrid or planning to move to Madrid we hope this post has helped you to know what to do in Madrid in summer. We also remind you that you can contact us by phone at 91 564 45 43 or in the contact form to inform you of all the properties available in Madrid.


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