How is university life in Madrid

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university life in Madrid

In those last one months of baccalaureate, previous to selectivity, your head starts to think on the university life, the advice of parents at home always helps and the field you choose is essential. 

But… if your university life moves to Madrid, get ready to go on a roller coaster of emotions full of knowledge and new people from all over the world. Nobody leaves Madrid without a story to tell it. 

As everything in life, there are ups and downs in the university stage, but the important thing is to live in a city where you feel like home to be able to confront all the challenges that your university degree puts you through and become a real professional. Moreover, who knows if after the experience you decide to remain? It has happened to more than one and only for that, Madrid is worth choosing and finding out a whole world of opportunities and experiences. 

At Barbieri Real Estate, specialists on rental housing in Madrid, we help you to discover the real university life that people offer from Madrid. Hello Madrid!

university life in Madrid


Cost of living in Madrid

The economic issue is always something to take into consideration and a topic that concerns all students who move to another city. It is true that on many occasions, they receive the monetary help of their parents, but there’s always a chance to combine studies and specific jobs in half a day. 

The cost of living in Madrid can vary depending on many factors. Sources consulted estimate that the cost of living for the student oscillates between 600-1.200 €/month depending on the type of accommodation and the zone. The principal advantage that the capital offers? It is a vast city that has different neighborhoods where people live and, depending on where they are, they are more expensive or more economical. For example, the north Madrid area is usually more expensive than the southern area. 

The truth is that young people normally look for accommodation in an area close to the university, which makes it easier to get around. Furthermore, in Madrid you can move it with the car or use public transport, making you a monthly pass that costs 20€.  

Much cheaper option than private transport, especially, keeping in mind the increase in the cost of diesel oil in recent months. 

On the other hand, Madrid offers the possibility of renting a flag, either individual or shared (many students normally rent a flag with two or three persons, which is cheaper for them and they are well accompanied) or stay in a residence for students or a college to live. The variety of residences is immense and are distributed in several districts of Madrid.  

univerisity residences

For example, the student can opts to stay in RESA Paseo de la Habana, by 1.100€/month, that includes many accommodation services; such as: a pack of 20 breakfasts and dinners per month, weekly cleaning and is located in the district of Chamartín, close to the Paseo de la Castellana, one of the best zones of Madrid. 

On the other hand, the downtown district is also recognized for putting up to numerous students. University city, near Complutense university of Madrid, is famous and recognized for the students. There it is the residence of Benito Pérez Galdós, at 1.090€/month where the students will enjoy a bedroom which includes their own bathroom, microondas and fridge. Doubtlessly, the comforts that these residences present are exquisite

 Nevertheless, there is also the option of renting a shared flat that can be more economical. Although that yes, the students who live independently, will be responsible and take care of their home. To mature is a complicated task, but required!


Quality of life in Madrid

Quality is often a factor that everyone searches for their place of residence and Madrid may become your next destination. Did you know that it counts with more than 2.800 hours of sunshine a year? Is a curious datum but also interesting now that every university student can´t wait for good weather to breathe afterclass, taking a good beer on the terraces of Madrid. 


But, there is still so much more. Her immense culture, her interminable leisure, her good weather, her infinity of shops, her delicious gastronomy, her good people, her multitude of public transports and her well national and international communications are some and only some of the characteristics which define this beautiful and complete city. Don´t you believe it? So… seeing is believing. Now it is in your hands!

The life in Madrid and how is it

If you wonder how life in Madrid is, we have arrived on time. Before revealing every secrets, you have to know that you´ll never have time to get bored if you choose Madrid as your destination.

If you are passionate about culture, you´ve hit the center of the target. This city has some of the most important museums nationwide and some of the most visited on an international level. Let yourself fall in love with Velázquez, Goya or El Greco at Prado´s museum; Delve into Picasso’s Guernica from Reina Sofía´s museum or try out every art faces from El Thyssen. 

museums madrid

Moreover, we know that you will make good friends at any university that you choose in Madrid. You can´t stop enjoying the gastronomy of Madrid, motley and exquisite. And you won’t be able to stray too far from its terraces either. 

What about if you find love in class? Everything will be running smoothly, because your dates will have thousand options in the capital. From a romantic walk at Retiro´s gardens, throwing by the oldtown of the capital where you can visit the Real Palace or tell us the first “I love u” in the middle of the Main Square, until taking that special person to one of the innumerable restaurants that Madrid hides: elegance, romanticism and privacy accompanied by a good toast. The perfect date!

It should also be noted that there is no one who wins in sport in the capital.  The real football spirit is in the capital. Madrid counts with five Spanish League first division teams: Real Madrid, Atlético de Madrid, Rayo Vallecano de Madrid, Club Deportivo Leganés and Getafe Club de fútbol. Football nights are legendary in this city and goals are felt with intensity; the experience is worth living. Furthermore, if you´re sporty you can practise your hobby at many sport clubs that offer or join the gym you really like. 

Likewise, it should be noted the nightlife of Madrid that, doubtlessly, is unbeatable. From Thursdays to Saturdays nights are starring university people, it starts to get dark and… Ponzaneo I see you! So its large list of bars will make your night the perfect beginning to warm up engines with a few drinks.

Obviously, party continues and colors for environments, because  you can choose the disco that you like the most depending on the environment you want and the type of music; if you are an authentic reguetonero, the majority often play that music and you can dance at Panda Club Madrid or Blackhaus (their environment is real university), but if your interests opt for Rock and Roll drop by what was the cradle of the movida madrileña and take some shots at La Vía Láctea. 


And for the survivors after so many dances, we suggest enjoying the sunrise and tasting some good morning churros with hot chocolate ; the ideal place is San Ginés chocolate shop

It is clear that Madrid was born for the students and has a desirable offer for any university who decides to move to the capital. Besides having the best universities of Spain, it offers a multitude of laboral possibilities for young people. In addition, the life of Madrid is too tentative and leaves no one indifferent. Madrid is waiting for you and you know!

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