5 best streets to go for a beer in Madrid

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There are 5 best streets to go for a beer in Madrid you will love if you are a beer lover or not. Throughout the city you can find very interesting places where to go for a beer in Madrid and especially, in the Chamberí neighborhood. In addition to the famous Ponzano street in this post we discover other places where you can taste beer. In Barbieri you can check the available apartments in the neighborhood. Who knows, you may soon are enjoying an ice cold beer just a few meters from your house.

5 streets where to go for a beer in Madrid

Cardenal Cisneros Street

go for a beer in Madrid barbieri realstateThis street is called the Paseo de la Foam in Madrid not by chance. In just 100 meters you have no more and no less than six different locals only specialized in beer. No wonder this street is a must for lovers of this drink.

The first place arose from the need of an innkeeper to get imported beers. Thus Oldenburg was born, a small place of just 14 square meters located on the corner of Cardenal Cisneros and Albuquerque. In 2010, the premises had become too small and they moved to their current location, on the corner of Harztenbusch street.

Other popular locals are L’Europe, Kloster, The Beer Garden, Madriz Hop Republic and The Beer House.

Some of them are small stores with a small bar. However, in others you can also fill your stomach while refreshing yourself with a national, imported or even vegan beer. Sport also has its place and many of these places have large screens to watch soccer on weekends.

Ponzano Street

It began its boom a couple of years ago and since then it has not stopped welcoming new bars and restaurants that open almost every week. You may need several visits to try at least the main establishments in this Chamberí street.

Pez Street

One of the busiest and most famous streets in Malasaña. It joins San Bernardo with Corredera Baja de San Pablo, two other of the main arteries of the neighborhood. It is also a true reflection of the changes that the area is undergoing, as new restaurants and gastrobars are interspersed along the street with mythical places of Madrid. Some of our must-visits are 1862 Dry Bar or The Passenger for a drink or a cocktail; Pez Tortilla for a bite to eat; Gumbo, Zombie Bar and Grosso Napoletano to sit down and enjoy a good meal, and if you want to try one of the best coffees in the city, stop by Hanso Café.

Doctor Castelo Street

It is difficult to stay with only one street in the Retiro area, which for some time now has positioned itself as one of the most gastronomically attractive neighborhoods. Although Doctor Castelo, which runs from Avenida Menéndez Pelayo to Doctor Esquerdo, is home to some of our favorite taverns and restaurants in the area, such as Arzábal, a classic. A little further on you can try the spectacular cocido at Casa Pello, the success of the Aparicio brothers at La Raquetista, the tavern of taverns in Laredo, and finish off at one of the city’s must-visit Asturian restaurants, La Hoja.

Conde Duque Street

Between Princesa and Alberto Aguilera there is a street that has undergone a gastronomic, cultural and commercial boom in recent years, along with the surrounding neighborhood. Conde Duque has become the favorite place for many designer stores, charming cafes and cozy restaurants that have decided to open their doors in this neighboring area of Malasaña. And precisely on the street that gives its name to the neighborhood (in addition to the cultural center) there are a lot of appetizing proposals: the dreamlike Jardín Secreto, the signature sandwiches of Crumb, the wines and vermouths of La Taberna de Corps (next to Plaza Guardias de Corps), the healthy breakfasts of Olive or the spectacular Peruvian cuisine of Tiradito.

Beers made in Madrid, going for a beer in Madrid staying at home

ir de cañas en madrid

Going for a beer in Madrid without leaving home is possible and very easy. There are more and more beers of Madrid origin available in supermarkets. In this article we list the three most popular beers.


If you live in Spain, you surely know this brand or are even a regular consumer. It was founded in Madrid in 1890. You can easily find it in any supermarket in any of its variants: five stars, master, barrel, without, toasted 0.0, classic…


This brewery was founded in July 2010 by a group of entrepreneurs united by their passion for beer, the business world and their attachment to the history and people of Madrid. Its objective is to offer the market a series of high quality craft beers with a low production volume.

Brewed with water from Madrid, it offers among its range from blonde, IPA, black, roasted…

If you are curious to know how the beer is made and also do a tasting with different variants of the brand you can take a guided tour of the brewery. It is organized every Saturday at noon.

La Virgen

The idea of this brewery was born in 2009 in San Francisco and did not materialize until 2011 with the appearance of the first of its beers, La Lager. It is a beverage that is brewed in a traditional way and matured at low temperatures for more than 40 days, to achieve a subtle and balanced flavor. Four types of malt and three different varieties of hops (Perle, Nugget, Cascade) are used for its elaboration.

As you can see, Chamberí and the Salamanca neighborhood have many characteristics that make these two areas of Madrid ideal places to live, whether you come to work or to study. You can go for beers in Madrid, go for tapas, go on a cultural outing… Remember that in Barbieri we are at your disposal if you are looking for an apartment, you can call us by phone 91 564 45 43 or use the contact form.

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