Which are the most expensive neighborhoods in Madrid?

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Madrid’s most expensive neighborhoods

The property stock in the city of Madrid is very varied and there is a great difference in prices.

The price of a property in the Recoletos neighborhood, in the Salamanca district (average price 8,500 euros per square metre), has nothing to do with the price of a property in San Cristóbal de Los Ángeles, the cheapest neighborhood in the city, in Villaverde (1,250 euros per square metre).

The most expensive and exclusive neighborhoods of the city are located in the central part of Madrid, around Paseo de la Castellana, in historic neighborhoods such as Salamanca, Chamberí or Los Jerónimos among others, where we can find stately flats in refurbished buildings.

Ranking of the most expensive neighborhood in Madrid:

  • Salamanca District: Currently, it is the place with the highest housing prices, on average you can pay 1.300.000 euros. It is also one of the main business areas of Madrid, where the most powerful banks and the most important law firms in the country are located.

Within the Salamanca district, we will make a distinction between different neighborhoods:

  1. The Recoletos district is undoubtedly the most expensive in the city, where you will find the most important buildings in Madrid, such as the National Library or the National Archaeological Museum, and it is one of the most exclusive shopping areas, thanks to Calle Serrano.
  2.  Within the Salamanca district, we would like to highlight the Castellana area. Where the average price per square metre is 6,882 euros. Inside the district there are important streets such as José Ortega y Gasset street, Juan Bravo street and Diego de León street.
  3. The Lista neighborhood has a great architectural beauty, which can be seen in the façades of its buildings. Nowadays it stands out and is known for being one of the places where you can breathe fashion and luxury, and it is known as one of the most posh neighborhoods in the capital.
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Salamanca District


  • District of Chamberí: A traditional district in the heart of Madrid with an architectural heritage of the aristocracy. It is administratively organized into six neighborhoods: Gaztambide, Arapiles, Trafalgar, Almagro, Ríos Rosas and Vallehermoso.
    • In the Chamberí district is Almagro, the fourth most expensive neighborhood in the city of Madrid. Where the average price per square metre is 6,564 euros. One of the most exclusive areas of the capital, bounded by the Paseo de la Castellana to the east and Calle Génova to the south.

    A district with a great cultural offer, with a wide variety of services for its residents and undoubtedly one of the most luxurious and exclusive in the capital.

almagros neighbourhood
Almagro, district of Chamberí


  • Chamartín district, where we find the Viso neighborhood, this is number five in the ranking. The average price per square metre is 6,255 euros. It is located in the northeast area of the city of Madrid and is the richest neighborhood in Spain, with a per capita income of 113,000 euros.

So we could say that El Viso is possibly the most affluent neighborhood in the city of Madrid.

viso neighbourhood
Aerial view of El Viso

These are the five most expensive neighborhoods in the city of Madrid, as well as the best ones to live in due to the numerous advantages and services they offer their residents.

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