The best parks in Toledo in Madrid

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The arrival of summer is always accompanied by enthusiasm, smiles and a great desire to do activities, go out and enjoy the best possible company. Not everyone has the opportunity to go to a beach area, but that does not mean that boredom will enter your door.

Whatever vacation you have, the time you are going to spend in the capital can become the best of your summers because there is no more special place closer to Madrid than the beautiful city of Toledo. The truth is that we know that Madrid offers infinite plans and idyllic places to all its inhabitants and visitors, but it never hurts to let off steam from the hustle and bustle and long traffic jams to find some tranquility, close to home.

Being outdoors is a very appealing plan that in these hot months sweeps the crowd and if you didn’t know, Toledo has a large number of natural parks and destinations that leave no one indifferent. The activities that you can do can be exciting, but with just a warm walk through one of its gardens it is already worth the visit.

From Barbieri Real Estate, specialists in rental housing, we want to dazzle you with the wonderful parks that Toledo offers. You do not even imagine it!

parques de Toledo


Natural parks in the province of Toledo

About 30 km from the city is one of the most spectacular natural landscapes in the province of Toledo: the Barrancas de Burujón. Its views are so incredible and its flora and fauna is so protected that, since 2010, they were declared a Natural Monument by the government of Castilla La Mancha.

The place is formed by the waters of the Castrejón reservoir and the reddish clay gullies. Going up its path, you can enjoy unbeatable views next to its cliff. It is often said that it is reminiscent of the Colorado Canyon itself in the United States and that is why this place is also known by the name of Toledo’s Colorado Canyon.

las barrancas de burujón

The Barrancas de Burujón are more than ancient since their formation was produced by the action of water for more than 25 million years. And, since 2002, the inauguration of its route took place along an “ecological path” that goes from the public car park to the reservoir, passing through the various viewpoints where you will enjoy each moment, as if it were unique. Thus, it is worth mentioning the Mirador del Cambrón and the Mirador de los Enebros.

From the municipality of Los Navalucillos, is the Cascada del Chorro. An 18 meter waterfall surrounded by natural walls full of vegetation, belonging to one of the most special corners of the mountains of Toledo. The most exciting of all is the well-known Ruta del Chorro, Chorrera Chica and Rocigalgo.

For the more adventurous and all those who have a passion for hiking, it is recommended to do this fantastic seven-hour walking route in its entirety. It can be said that it can be a very fun and fascinating activity, passing through various forests, appreciating the fauna, the river… and everything in the middle of nature. The perfect plan to carry out as a family or as a couple and if your feet get tired there is no problem, since you can only carry out the outward leg that consists of four hours and, of course, take the breaks you need.

parque nacional de cabañeros

Between the provinces of Ciudad Real and Toledo, is the Cabañeros National Park. It can be said that this space offers one of the best representations of the “Mediterranean forest” and is also a protected area for birds. Its landscape is exquisite and the vegetation is worthy of observation, among its relict enclaves of Atlantic vegetation, riverside forests and, as if that were not enough, one of the species of birds in extinction can be found: the imperial eagle.


Picnic areas with barbecue in Toledo

From the aforementioned Barrancas de Burujón, next to the viewpoint, they offer a picnic area to all their visitors. A place that is still perfect to enjoy the views while enjoying a good meal with family, friends or partner. Of course, always respecting a protected place like this, taking into account not depositing garbage in nature and taking care of the environment.

The Parque de los Gavilanes or also known as Los Pinos, has become a very pleasant and popular place for families or friends who decide to spend the day surrounded by nature and enjoy an exquisite barbecue. This picnic area has various tables to offer comfort and the possibility of making your own barbecue, although if you prefer you can buy it at the restaurant located at the entrance of the site. As if that were not enough, the smallest of the house will be very entertained thanks to its children’s play area.

merenderos para hacer una barbacoa

From the municipality of Almonacid de Toledo, a perfect area is located to enjoy your barbecue. As its name suggests, it has several barbecues for all its guests and several tables. It is a very pleasant place and also has several areas of children’s attractions, a sports court, a swimming pool and a bar. There is no better occasion to spend an unbeatable day with the family and take a good dip to cool off.

Another highly recommended area is in La Cantuérgana, a recreational area for barbecues. You can find tables, chairs and everything you need to prepare your food. The good thing is that after eating you can take a delicious walk along the Torcón riverside. They say the views are overwhelming.

área recreativa la cantuérgana

Other picnic areas that you can add to your list and that, without a doubt, are worthy of your visit are: the Villafranca Lagoons, El Cordel Forest Park, Fuente de la Teja, Prado Park, Valdehierro, etc.


Natural routes Toledo

In the first place, it is worth mentioning the Vía Verde de la Jara. Between the municipalities of Calera and Puerto de San Vicente, they cover 18 kilometers that depart from the town of Adeanueva de Barbarroya for a long four-hour walk. In this section, you can enjoy the Tagus Valley and the Azután reservoir, as well as pleasant views and abundant vegetation.

ruta vía verde de la jara

With the ecological path of the Tagus, you will be able to travel all around the river through its 7 km that go from the Alcántara bridge to the San Martín bridge. A very special way to enjoy the city of Toledo and a way to combine its incredible monuments and narrow streets with the natural environment. In addition, it is a perfect route to go with children since it is perfectly conditioned and with easy access.

As you already know, Toledo has a very special bond with Don Quixote de la Mancha. So much so that it is essential to take the route of the castle and mills of Consuegra. There are 12 rehabilitated mills that speak for themselves, located at the top of the Calderico hill, next to the castle of La Muela.

los molinos de consuegra

You must leave the car in the town of Consuegra and walk 4 km to enjoy these beautiful mills and the wonderful views that the place offers.

In the towns of Villacañas and Quero, there are some of the most beautiful wetlands of the 500 in Castilla La Mancha. It is a lagoon complex that has 14 km with a path where you can take long walks and enjoy the lagoon.


Seen what we have seen, Toledo has left us speechless and the truth is that it has irresistible places to spend an unforgettable day this summer. If your vacations do not allow you to travel this year, you should not worry because now you know that your days in any natural space you visit in Toledo will leave you with more than a good taste in your mouth and, of course, the desire to return will be more than guaranteed.

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