The best Italian restaurants in Madrid

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Eating well is one of the most delicious pleasures there is and each country usually has its typical or different gastronomy that differs from the rest. Italian gastronomy is compiled within the Mediterranean diet since many of its products and dishes share many similarities with Spanish gastronomy.

But, what truly defines Italy could be summed up in three dishes: pasta, pizza and tiramisu. The truth is that these names entered Spain many years ago and, of course, they came to stay.

Italian cuisine landed in Spain and quickly arrived in the capital. In Madrid, you can find numerous and varied Italian restaurants, although differences between them can also be established. Each one prepares dishes representing an Italian area; the quality of its products and the style of each kitchen will make the difference that will make you choose.

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Good appetite!

Italian restaurants in the capital


Trendy Italian restaurants 

When choosing a restaurant to go to for lunch or dinner, many people tend to opt for the most demanded site of the moment, since being fashionable the site cannot fail. Currently, social networks have become an important guide where people search for their ideal restaurant.

In this field, the profession of influencers, it is necessary to allocate an important weight to them in this matter, taking into account that the vast majority of them share the restaurants they visit through their profile, in addition to uploading images and giving advice to their clients. followers to recommend or not the site.

typical pasta of Italy

This is one of the reasons that many take into account and it is a good way to ensure that your gastronomic experience will be as you expected. Therefore, we want to tell you about some of the most visited Italian restaurants at the moment.

Bel Mondo

From the Big Mamma group, Bel Mondo arrives in Madrid, a restaurant that has not stopped sweeping since its opening in 2021. It is located in the Barrio de Salamanca and its decoration leaves no one indifferent. It has 900 m2 in which it is distributed as a huge terrace-greenhouse full of vegetation and the perfect environment for your evening.

Inside, you can find a minimalist style full of color that enlivens the place even more. It can be affirmed that the products are of good quality and brought directly from Italy, since they combine a gastronomic style that comes from different areas of Italy, from north to south.

Bel Mondo and her pasta

From its highly varied menu, some dishes stand out that, without a doubt, are obvious: be sure to try its pasta al pomodoro, its tiramisu or its great carbonara, served at the table on a wheel of Borgo-Antico pecorino cheese. Also, some of its curiosities can be highlighted, such as the well-known “No more leek”, it is a leek roasted with “Josper” with green sauce, stracciatella and capers.

Numa Pompilio

Also located in the Barrio de Salamanca, is Numa Pompilio. It could be considered one of the most beautiful restaurants within the range of Italians in Madrid, inspired by “the great European bourgeois restaurants”.

The restaurant offers dishes from lesser-known Italy with the aim of differentiating itself with products with true Italian tradition and little known to us. Thus, they decide to combine the most traditional recipe book, adapting it to the present, with international cuisine, especially the Mediterranean diet.

elegant style in Numa Pompilio

The interior of the site has an elegant and cozy style that tries to transport its customers to ancient Rome accompanied by a beautiful terrace that also has a covered part, through a dome.

They also have a varied menu in which they not only offer typical pasta, but also various meat, fish and caviar dishes. However, be sure to try the typical Vitello Tonnato, from the Piedmont area, or the Pecorino mushroom tagliolini.


In the heart of Chueca, you will find this place that “invites you to laugh, to drink good wine and, above all, to close your eyes to savor Italian cuisine” at the hands of its chef, Davide Bonato: Gioia. From their kitchen, they focus on creativity that integrates typical and traditional flavors, renewing the old with new textures, shapes and colors.

The true protagonist of his menu is rice, the jewel of his Piedmont land. In addition, they use various types of rice; from the classic Carnaroli, through Ermes red rice to Verene black rice.

Uovo Morbido de Davide Bonato

On your next visit, don’t forget to order the Uovo Morbido, a poached egg in Verene rice flour with potato cream, truffle, boletus and crispy Iberian ham or Il Riso é Oro, a risotto based on Carnaroli rice, saffron and 24-karat edible gold foil.


Classic Italian restaurants

Despite the fact that the latest culinary trends are usually a success for diners who bet on them, there is also the option of visiting those restaurants that have been in the city for many years. If they take so long, it will be for something. 

italian pizzas in Madrid

It should be said that Madrid has many Italian restaurants that you may not know, since you have not heard so much about them, but they do not have lower quality, on the contrary, many of them offer customers the best Italian culinary combination and with authentic places reminiscent of Italy and with a cute decoration.


The Pradal group has created this new place dedicated to Italian gastronomy: Noi, a fun space that offers its customers a concept of “emotional journey” that crosses Italy from north to south, through specific flavors and with special care of the raw material for their products.

Likewise, they combine these emotions with a careful presentation of their dishes and an unbeatable treatment of their guests. Of course, the decoration of the site is also another of its qualities since it combines a modern style with a meticulous and detailed decoration.

restaurant Noi in Madrid

The most exciting thing is the protagonist of the place: its chef Gianni Pinto, a true pasta master who sweeps customers away with his dishes; such as: the Pappardelle with ragout genovese, Spaghetti aglio olio e peperoncino or their Fusilli napoletani with cockles in green sauce and artichokes.

Emma and Julia

From the neighborhood of La Latina, in the heart of the city, is this traditional restaurant, Emma and Julia, which, since 1998, created this traditional and familiar space, with a rustic decoration accompanied by the typical red checkered tablecloths, all a remembrance of the classics of Italy.

stone oven to make pizzas

Their pastas are delicious, but even more so are their pizzas, which are cooked directly in a stone oven that provides that crunchy touch and that special flavor. It can be said that the products they use are completely homemade and very varied. In addition, it offers the option of choosing to order à la carte, menus for groups and also a special menu for celiacs.

And you already know that if you decide to go to Emma and Julia, you should try some of the essential dishes, those that never fail like ravioli or lasagna.


Located in Arturo Soria, very close to the Arturo Soria Plaza Shopping Center, is this small Italian oasis, Antonella, which invites you to “feel at home, being away from home”. It is a space divided into two parts, since it has a small living room followed by a large terrace.

The decoration of the site presents a calm atmosphere as well as curious and beautiful; its colorful tables and stylish dishes present a pleasant and worth visiting environment for customers.

antonella and their pizzas with star form

The menu they offer presents a multitude of different flavors that come from products treated by hand and of very good quality. Its varied types of long and short pasta and its delicious desserts, dolci, will make you taste new flavors again.


Now you know that the Italian Dolce Vita can be found in the Community of Madrid where your palate will be more than conquered. You just have to choose the place and enjoy an unbeatable culinary experience that Italy has given us and you cannot miss it.

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