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Flamenco tablaos are usually directly associated with Andalusia as an essential branch of its culture, but what if they told you that a piece of Spanish art could be enjoyed from the capital? Madrid always welcomes everything good and, in this case, the occasion deserves it; these shows are enjoyed in the big city.

From the cradle of Andalusian art, this tradition has also been transferred to the Spanish capital, leading some of the best artists to delight the public with authentic shows of pure flamenco. Since the 1960s, flamenco tablaos have been configured as spaces where the passion of the show overflows in every corner.

We are talking about places dedicated not to all audiences, but to all those people who feel the same emotion when enjoying the show as the artists who work hard on stage, dancing choreographies that make up one of the Spanish cultural traditions of yesteryear: cabe affirm that flamenco is a branch that defines Spanish culture.

From traditional flamenco, through manila shawls to the mixture of flamenco with the Arabic style, you can enjoy the endless shows that are offered, whether they are dances, plays and, of course, concerts.

From Barbieri Real Estate, specialists in rental housing, we tell you the purest essence of Spanish dance from the best flamenco tablaos that this great city houses. We are talking about Madrid.

flamenco tablaos in madrid

Flamenco theater in Madrid

It can be said that, for the first time, “the feelings of Spain and the Andalusian peoplereside together in a theater. A special, cozy and traditional place where emotion and passion merge to connect the viewer with the artist. We are talking about the Teatro Flamenco Madrid, where you can intensely experience flamenco in its purest state.

The most exciting thing is that shows are offered every day of the year, with different showings seven days a week, at different times. And, when Sundays arrive, the “vermouth stew Sundays” take place and the Flemish singer-songwriter Maui cooks a gypsy stew live. Of course, the laughter and the good atmosphere do not fail to end the week.

They also have the “Círculo Flamenco de Madrid” which is an association formed by a group of fans who have decided to mark their meeting point here to offer different and unique performances, beyond flamenco.

flamenco from the theater

But, if you want to learn and learn the basics of flamenco, you can do it from the hands of great teachers who give classes to all fans and those who want to start in this world, offering various modalities: singing, guitar, dance, castanets, percussion. , etc.

One of its latest novelties comes with “Gipsy freestyle” where the new generations of artists merge with flamenco, offering a mixture of Spanish dance with urban music. The creator is Curro Candela along with Daniel García (a reference in the birth of Spanish hip hop). Spectators will be able to enjoy a masterpiece in which they will see the traditional combined with the most current, thus producing something transcendent.


Flamenco tablaos in Madrid

As previously mentioned, the flamenco tablaos have been configuring a space where art and passion go hand in hand and, in addition, they are places where you can enjoy the show while eating and drinking typical and traditional dishes that accompany the moment. 

Thus, Madrid has multiple tablaos where people take advantage, either with friends, as a couple or alone, to enjoy a pleasant time watching a show while having a drink, chatting and even taking time out to dance.

Villa Rosa

Founded in 1911 and in the heart of the capital, Villa Rosa is presented as a place full of stories, illustrious visits and the best artists who have passed through there and have left their mark.

It is considered the oldest flamenco tablao in the world; its decoration has ancient murals worthy of observation as well as its exterior façade, its tiles always tell a story that represents flamenco and, of course, its shows are daily.

decoration with history in villa rosa

Currently, one of his special collaborators is the great artist Antonio Canales who, as he states: “the cathedral of flamenco has the privilege of uniting both very long and mythical trajectories, at the same point”. He can be considered a great teacher who has always shone on stage and has not left anyone indifferent.

Cardamomo flamenco tablao

In the very heart of the city, next to Sol, comes from the hand of Cardamomo recognized in 2014 as “Cultural Heritage of Madrid” by the Madrid City Council. Here, the cante and the dance are the true protagonists, provoking a deep affection in the spectator every time they enjoy a new show. It’s really emotional.

They offer shows every day and also dinners for anyone who wants to enjoy flamenco during their evening. In this place, the coincidence of several young people who were betting on an artistic future and felt Cardamomo as their place of rehearsal and preparation has been recurrent. Time later they have returned to present themselves, although already as authentic stars.

show in cardamomo

Be that as it may, every week they update their website in the “shows” section where they offer the user the new visits of artists who will perform. If you want to be up to date and go to the best of the shows, you can see it here and don’t miss out on your ticket.

La cueva de Lola

From the neighborhood of La Latina, is the Cueva de Lola, a tablao founded by four flamenco artists who deposited their dream in this place as “a unique place to live flamenco”. One of its peculiarities is that it is a 17th century cave, thus creating the perfect space to enjoy a delicious dinner amid applause and emotions.

the cave

Flamenco shows take place from Wednesday to Sunday and, on the other hand, special events such as exhibitions, music or dance are held. In addition, they offer the possibility of “giving flamenco as a gift” since you can surprise your favorite person with a ticket to the tablao that also includes a dinner.


Flamenco shops in Madrid

The great flamenco artists usually order their costumes and accessories from a good seamstress although, on many occasions, they usually go to special flamenco shops where they can find the best accessories for their clothing. However, from a very young age, many children attend dance schools where they are introduced to the art of flamenco, known as Spanish dance.

From the smallest to adulthood, there are many schools in Madrid that offer intensive classes throughout the year with the best professionals with whom you will learn to move and end up performing in a tablao. That is why Madrid offers several shops with flamenco clothes for the occasion.

One of them is Flamencoexport, a store dedicated to flamenco style and clothing in its purest form. Fans, flamenco skirts, castanets, combs, manila shawls, dance shoes, flamenco flowers, etc. and everything you need to become a true artist.

Another store that stands out is Maty’s, where you can find not only flamenco accessories and clothing, but also other styles corresponding to other types of dances. Many say that the castanets they offer are the best.

flamenco fashion in madrid

But, if what you are looking for are flamenco shoes, you should go to Don Flamenco, since it is their specialty. Every dancer knows the importance of wearing the right shoes to take care of their feet, both during rehearsals and during performances. At Don Flamenco, variety abounds and you can find the shoe you need: classic gold pumps, retro flamenco heels, platform wedges, wide or thin heeled sandals, etc.


If you were thinking of traveling to Andalusia to enjoy flamenco, you won’t have to because Madrid has proven to be going strong with the wide range it offers to the spectator; whether they are flamenco tablaos, dance schools or flamenco shops that from the capital this art shines in every corner.

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