The best time of the year to rent an apartment in Madrid

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Knowing when to rent an apartment is one of the most complex questions to answer and probably a question for which we do not have a clear answer at the moment. When making the final decision to rent an apartment, several factors come into play.

What can be defined is that, depending on the type of property, its location and end use, there are months that are more profitable than others.

In Barbieri Real Estate, experts in property rentals in Madrid, we want to help you know what is the best time of year to rent an apartment in Madrid and so you can get a better return on the property in question. 

Tips for renting apartments in Madrid

Madrid is one of the Spanish cities with the highest number of apartments for rent and one of the Autonomous Communities with the highest turnover in terms of mobility of citizens. This also explains the well-known phrase “from Madrid to heaven”, which confirms the high quality of life in the city and the variety of entertainment offers, universities and jobs that can be accessed.

However, it is essential to follow some tips for renting apartments in Madrid. The main aspects that we must take into account to start looking for an apartment are:

  • Define our budget, region and type of housing with our needs in mind.
  • Search for an apartment well in advance
  • Respond quickly to ads that are of interest to us.
  • Beware of possible scams

If you want more information on how to rent an apartment in Madrid and the best neighbourhoods in Madrid, do not miss our recommendations in the following post.

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When is the best time to rent an apartment

The best time to rent an apartment in Madrid is undoubtedly during the summer months, from June onwards, as many students return to their home cities to spend the summer and the apartments they had rented become vacant.

July and August are also months of interest for those looking to rent a home. During these months, Madrid tends to “stop” and the search for housing not only becomes relevant because of the variety of homes available, but also because it is convenient to move around the city without the dreaded traffic jams and with fewer people. This way, you will be able to enjoy the housing search during these months while discovering the city.

On the contrary, the months of September and October are the months with the highest demand for apartments, as it usually coincides with the beginning of the new academic year at the university and students return to Madrid. In addition, many people move during these months to start a new job in the capital.

In this sense, it is important to point out that the change of housing during the winter months is much lower, either for work reasons (there are usually fewer job changes that imply a change of residence, etc.) or for educational reasons (the end of the school year does not take place until the summer months).

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Where to look for rentals in Spain

When it comes to renting an apartment, we must explore all possible avenues: from ads on the street, asking family or friends who live in the city where we want to move or even seek help through social networks, where it is increasingly common to see housing ads for shared apartments. However, the most commonly used channels are still real estate agencies and specialized websites.

Real estate agencies, such as Barbieri Real Estate, are the ideal option for all those people who are in a hurry to find an apartment in their destination city. The real estate sector is constantly evolving and agencies are a fast and safe way to help us find what we are looking for because we delegate the work to professionals. It is also important to highlight the personalized and close treatment we receive from these professionals who can not only help us find a place to live, but also give us advice regarding locations, lifestyles of the areas, etc.

The second most used option to search for rentals in Spain are the specialized real estate websites. In them, you can filter the characteristics that you want, the areas where you would like to live, etc. This is a good option for those who from other Spanish cities want to know budgets without compromises.

alquilar un piso en madrid barbieri real state

Apartments for rent in Spain

Rental apartment trends in Spain for 2022 remain complex. The advance of vaccination and the economic recovery after the coronavirus crisis are modifying the parameters established during 2021.

As a result of home office or the on-site closure of university centers, people living in rented accommodation have returned to their cities of origin, which has led to a higher volume of rental transactions in large cities.

It should also be noted that another consequence of teleworking is that many people have opted to move from large cities in Spain to outlying areas where, until now, apartment prices have always been lower and, therefore, more affordable.

The return to the new normality, however, means a gradual increase in rental contracts for rental apartments in Spain.

Although we have analyzed what are considered the best times to rent an apartment in Madrid, all factors – as we have seen – can vary from one season to another, so we always recommend you to put yourself in the hands of specialists in the real estate sector to provide professional advice throughout the process to avoid possible risks.

In Barbieri Real Estate, specialists in rental housing, we offer properties in the neighborhoods of Aravaca, Chamberí and Salamanca. Discover all our offer of available apartments in Madrid.

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