Plans to make this San Isidro festivity in Madrid

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Next Sunday May 15 is an important day for the capital of Spain because the day of San Isidro is celebrated. Normally, the festivities dedicated to the saint usually last several days (approximately May 11-16) and the saint’s pilgrimage is celebrated.

A special day that has the advantage that this year it has fallen on a Sunday and they have decided to move the holiday to Monday and people can do what is called a “bridge”, since they do not have to go to work. Like this bridge, there are usually many others that also cover the traditional festivities of Madrid

The truth is that many decide to take advantage of this festivity to make a getaway and leave the city for a few days, but many people prefer to stay in Madrid and may think that their long weekend will be boring at home.

For your peace of mind, it must be said that this is not the case since this wonderful city offers all kinds of plans in addition to being in the middle of spring and the good weather can play in your favor.

From Barbieri Real Estate, specialists on rental housing, we offer you a complete list of the multiple plans that you can organize for this bridge and without having to travel hundreds of kilometers. Sounds more than good, pay attention!

make plans in may long weekend in madrid

Cultural plans

Madrid continues to be one of the cities with more cultural places that it offers its visitors with respect to other cities in Spain.

The dates that mark festivities in the calendar are usually one of the best occasions to visit a museum or participate in some cultural activity since you will be able to avoid long waiting lines and you will be able to soak up great pictorial, sculptural works or get involved in great stories that so many authors have left in their books.

To visit a museum 

The best art gallery in the world is located in Madrid and the Prado Museum is one of the most visited and important museums in the world. In addition, until June 12 you can visit his exhibition, “Annibale Carracci The frescoes of the Herrera chapel, made up of seven frescoes that belong to the unknown catalog of Annibale Carracci.

visit prado musuem

But, you can also enjoy art even more in its room 83, with the exhibition “The essence of a painting” defined as an olfactory exhibition.

However, the Thyssen National Museum has organized an exhibition of American art in 2022, especially from the 19th century, concentrated in rooms 55 to 46 on the first floor, with a total of 140 works.

thyssen musuem in madrid

These exhibitions are worth visiting and not only art lovers will enjoy them to the fullest, but all those who visit them will truly learn to appreciate the value of art and, of course, from Madrid.

Festivities of San Isidro

Like every year and in honor of our patron saint, San Isidro, the people of Madrid and all those who wish to visit the city during the festivities carry out the traditions that surround this festivity, among which the following stand out: as previously mentioned, the traditional pilgrimage to the saint from the Pradera de San Isidro.

There, open-air festivals also take place where all the chulapos and chulapas go to dance a chotis (typical dance of San Isidro).

chulapos in the fair of San Isidro

On the other hand, the typical gastronomy cannot be missing on this special date; the lemonade and the famous donuts of San Isidro. Which ones will you take, the ready ones or the dumb ones?

This 2022 is even more special, considering that it is his “Holy Year due to the IV Centenary of his canonization” and it will be exhibited since 1985 and for the first time, “his incorrupt body”.

Nor can you miss the traditional Parade of Giants and Big Heads that marks the starting point of the festivities, from the Plaza de la Villa, with a moving proclamation.

The 44th Book Fair

It started on April 29 and there is still time until May 16. A key date in the calendar since the Paseo de Recoletos becomes the protagonist of the celebration of this edition of the Book Fair, in which the journalist and writer Jesús Marchamalo will read the opening speech of the event.

As every year a commemorative edition is presented, this will be in honor of Benito Pérez Galdós, from the hand of the seventh volume of the second series of the National Episodes: “The terror of 1824”.

book fair in paseo de recoletos

The advantage will, of course, be for all lovers and fans of reading who will be able to find an immense repertoire of background, second-hand or out-of-print books at cheap and affordable prices.


Leisure plans

It cannot be denied that everyone has their tastes and hobbies, but what is certain is that the capital captures all tastes, professionally and with that Madrid touch that will make you stay.

Read and choose your perfect plan, because Madrid is in charge of putting everything within your reach.

Taurine Fair

From May 8, the bullfighting fair starts in Las Ventas with various posters that already have the name of their bullfighters. One of the activities that many people usually do on these dates comes from seeing a bullfight.

An activity that is also considered a tradition due to its antiquity and the capital has the largest bullring in Europe.

In addition, this May 15, bullfighting has also wanted to honor San Isidro with a poster, starring authentic bullfighting professionals: Curro Díaz, Ginés Marín and Emilio de Justo.

Taurine fair in Las Ventas

But, this fair also coincides with the good weather that spring brings and Las Ventas organizes its “traditional” festival every year, which always begins after each bullfight. Inside the establishment and on its huge terrace, several flamenco groups will liven up the evening for all those who want to stay and enjoy the night.

Go to a concert or musical 

From Ifema Madrid, they have made the decision to carry out what has been called “Isidronic“, an authentic electronic music festival, with a meticulous selection of the best artists that will revolutionize its entire audience.

The Ifema fairgrounds will cover the whole of May 14 to dedicate 10 hours in a row to great DJs who will triumph on two “indoor” stages: one of them will feature “more industrial” DJs, while the other will feature DJs with a very festive touch.

festival of San Isidronic

On May 15, the party will continue at La Riviera with a “Closing Party. Now you just have to buy your ticket to be able to enjoy two days of music without brakes. Tickets are available on the website, from just €14.90

Madrid Dance Festival

Madrid has become the European epicenter of dance since every year it celebrates a festival dedicated to international, local and national dance through various shows offered in theaters, alternative venues and other places in the city; this year being the 37th edition of this festival.

This 2022 will emphasize international production by dedicating the festival to European choreographies such as “the Lyon Dance Biennale” and “the Cannes Dance Festival“.

dance festival in madrid

The shows will last until June 12 and their themes will revolve around issues such as migration, freedom, social transformations of the Contemporary Age, etc. On the other hand, they will feature prestigious artists from Norway, the United States, Belgium, Canada or Israel.


Family Plans

If you are a father or mother of a family and you are going to spend this holiday in Madrid, you can organize fun activities for the whole house. Also, don’t forget that May 1 is Mother’s Day and we are convinced that there is no better gift than spending an unbeatable day with your family.

 Amusement Parks

Some families tend to take life calmly and calmly, although others always have their nerves on edge and everything that happens usually sets up the battle at home. So, a good option may be to unload that adrenaline that some have inside and shout with emotion in one of the many attractions that the Madrid Amusement Park has to offer. 

Full of attractions for the smallest of the house and for the most daring who want to ride “the abyss” or “the tornado“, some of the most chilling attractions in the park.

amusement parks in madrid

As if that were not enough, from April 30 to May 2, the amusement park offers all its visitors the 1st Magic Festival. Several shows that will leave the whole family speechless and, above all, the little ones will be the protagonists.

Another option may be to spend the day at Parque Warner in Madrid, where you can enjoy its many attractions, shows and recharge in one of its restaurants.

Like any other theme park, Warner has attractions with soft, moderate or intense intensity and if you are one of the most daring, do not hesitate to try “the revenge of the enigma“; You will be thrown more than 100 meters high.

Visit a Zoo

One of the most appealing plans and one that children like the most is usually the zoo. And it is that Madrid has several alternatives to be able to know the most exotic and strange animals brought from the wildest jungle.

Therefore, your plan may decide to visit Faunia, a 14-hectare zoological garden, which brings together five kinds of animals (fish, reptiles, mammals, amphibians, birds) with hundreds of animals that will leave you speechless. On the other hand, you can enjoy its many activities, such as: the polar expedition, experience with manatees, crocodile feeding, fur seals, etc.

visit a zoo with the family

Another alternative with a special touch is defined by the Madrid Safari, a space where animals roam freely in the middle of nature (within the enclosure) where the whole family can enjoy a pleasant ride aboard their car, seeing all the species. Be careful because they are free and they will get closer to the car window than you can imagine; a good opportunity to take a bag of carrots and feed them.

Do not forget to enjoy its impressive show with wolves or its three pavilions full of large reptiles. One of the areas where the little ones of the house will enjoy the most is the “corner of the meek” being able to caress little goats.


You have probably run out of words and you don’t have enough time to address the number of plans that this city hosts, but you can choose the one you like the most and spend a day to remember.

At Barbieri Real Estate, specialists on rental housing, we offer you properties in the neighborhoods of Aravaca, Chamberí and Salamanca. Discover all our offer of available apartments in Madrid.


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