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Health is one of the most important and valuable factors for human beings. So much so that sport and the physical activity that the term entails accompany well-being, both in physical and mental health. Leading a healthy life does not only mean going on a diet to lose weight or stay in shape, but also involves playing sports.

Many people go to the gym or practice some physical activity indoors, giving free rein to their favorite sport or simply to lose those kilos with the arrival of summer or follow the trend of being a fitness person.

But, playing sports indoors is not always the best solution. Most experts and also health professionals indicate that physical activity carried out outdoors can bring many positive consequences and benefits for people, such as the prevention of diseases or even the acquisition of more vitamin D, taking advantage of the hours of sunshine.

From Barbieri Real Estate, specialists in rental housing, you should know that Madrid is the perfect city to unleash your favorite sport and we want to prove it to you.

do outdoor sports in madrid

Floor sports

Everyone has their hobbies, likes and dislikes and even more so when it comes to practicing any sport.

It can be said that it is something personal and unique that each person chooses either because they have been practicing it since childhood, because they decide to lead a healthy life or simply because they want to enjoy the city doing a healthy activity accompanied by friends or a partner.

Thus, there are many sports to do and Madrid offers places for each of them, but we want to offer you some of the best places that it hosts and perhaps you do not know.

Vallehermoso Stadium 

Located on Avenida Filipinas, in the Chamberí neighborhood, this sports center (Vallehermoso Stadium) is presented with one of the best tracks in the city and also considered by many to be the best. Also known as the “temple”.

It is a stadium that has a track with eight lanes and 400 meters of rope, its curves have a single radius of 36.5 meters and everything is paved with synthetic material. It also offers the possibility of attending 10,000 spectators thanks to its stands and also has a covered 75×12 meter “training straight”.

running truck

As it belongs to the City Council of the Community of Madrid, it is a public place in which it is not necessary to be registered or pay a fee as can happen in private sports clubs. However, sports equipment is exclusively reserved for municipal schools and “clubs with the right of transfer”.

You don’t have to be an expert in athletics to go to a track, but anyone who wants to start in this sport or practice athletics as a healthy way to run outdoors, the Vallehermoso stadium is, without a doubt, a great option.

Country Club. Villa of  Madrid

In the District of Moncloa-Aravaca, there is the Country Club Villa of Madrid with some of the best paddle tennis courts in Madrid. Currently, paddle tennis has become a sport that is the order of the day and more and more people are starting out in this activity.

With the arrival of good weather and summer getting closer, couples and friends rent a court and play a friendly match, turning this sport into a fun activity and also a plan to share it with friends. On the other hand, many others regularly practice this sport and go to class to prepare to compete.

play paddle

Be that as it may, this center has eight outdoor courts, four indoor courts and one glass court. In addition, the club offers good rates and the court rental price is €6/hour, although if you want to go at night a court lighting supplement of €3.60 will be charged, since summer time is until 23:00 p.m.

Another of its advantages is that it also has a paddle school for all those who wish to gain experience and sign up for classes, bearing in mind that there are classes for both adults and children. With the arrival of summer, they also offer intensive classes.



It is possible that many may think that Madrid is not the ideal place to do water sports; not in the sense of swimming because there are usually swimming pools in any city and the capital has many swimming pools, both covered and uncovered, for swimming, synchronized swimming, water polo, etc.

The truth is that when thinking about aquatics, sports that are practiced in salt water or, at least, require waves or a rudder are also included.


From the San Juan reservoir, is this nautical school called VivelaVela. The perfect site for all beginners or amateurs who want to get started in the world of sailing or motor boating. Before summer arrives and many are already thinking of going out to the open sea, it is advisable to get some practice first and only 45 minutes from the city center.

You can opt for various courses that they offer, from baptism for those who are just starting out in the activity or also improvement courses and navigation practices.

navigation practices

If you want to obtain the navigation license, you can also get it at VivelaVela and it will only take you one day; Two hours of theory and four hours of practice will give you the opportunity to sail with “motor boats up to six meters in length and approved cylinder capacity.”

Of course and paying a monthly fee, you can also go sailing and continue practicing, independently, with any of their boats.

Honna Surf Hub. Citywave Madrid

From the X-Madrid shopping center, located in Alcorcón, you will find this very cool space dedicated to all lovers of surfing and also to all those who want to start in a world full of waves.

Now you no longer have to travel to a coastal area to unleash this fun and lively sport; you can simply take your surfboard and your wetsuit or also rent it there and surf until you can’t anymore, since here the waves never end.

In this way, Citywave Madrid offers different rates for all surf lovers; from sessions for beginners, from one to three people for €39.90 for 25 minutes or from four to ten people for the same price and 45 minutes, to sessions for children for €29.90 for 25 minutes or 45 minutes depending on the group of people.

surfing in the city

You can also choose to take one of their bonuses, either with 10 sessions for €325 or with 20 sessions for €610.

All this can be combined with its terrace, which since last April 1 has kicked off with spring and its more than 100 events in 80 days. Concerts, afterworks, monologues, afternoon rumba, DJs… will make your day of surfing a full day of laughter, adventure and, of course, sports.


Extreme sports

Adrenaline is a term that many also associate with sport as well as accompanying all those who take risks and sign up for any adventure that involves risk. For this, the heights are usually a great ally and the views that can be obtained from Madrid are unbeatable.

From skydiving, motorcycling to tandem are some of the sports that are considered risky and, despite being the biggest hobby of many people, they carry dangers that must be taken into account in order to carry out activities responsibly and complying with all required standards.

Skydive Madrid

40 minutes from the capital is Skydive Madrid. A space created for true lovers of skydiving and also to teach, professionally, those who want to practice it.

It is important to note that becoming a skydiver entails completing an “Accelerated Freefall Progression” course, also called PAC, in which people learn the basic movements for freefall and it is also a simple and effective course for beginners in skydiving.

As for the prices, you have different rates depending on the level you want to obtain and they range from €525 to €3,785.

free fall as a risky sport

Another option comes from the hand of the tandem, another very practiced jump within the free fall. From Skydive Madrid, you will be able to jump to 4,000 meters of altitude at a speed of 200 km/hour, after having received explanations from a monitor, and you will be ready to live one of the most unforgettable experiences of your life.

Moriwoki Madrid

From Sanchinarro is Moriwoki, a space dedicated to the learning and training of those who wish to become interested in the world of motorcycles. Its students acquire various theoretical and practical classes that prepare them for piloting and all the necessary skills to circulate both on the road and in the city.

The course is taught by the professional, Tomás Pérez, “runner-up in the Twin category of the Mac90 Championship in 2012 and also a pilot in the 24 hours of Montmeló in 2017”. He is in charge of training students in the theoretical part, due to his long experience.

motorcycle riding

Road, speed and motocross are some of the terms that define Moriwoki courses and they even offer a “trail bike” driving course as well.

The FK1 circuit is the place where the practices take place, although it is located in Villaverde de Medina, in Valladolid. The price of the course is €160, a challenge for future motorcycle riders who may even succeed in national and international competitions.


It is clear that playing outdoor  sports offers a whole world of possibilities that have nothing to envy to covered spaces for physical activity. It is likely that if you didn’t like sports, maybe after discovering the fascinating places that Madrid offers, you will begin today to become interested in a new activity.

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