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If you are an urbanite but you like the contact with nature, going on a picnic in Madrid can be the best option. No doubt picnicking is the idyllic plan to enjoy the good weather outdoors and get to know some areas of Madrid.

In this post we present the definitive guide on the best places in Madrid for picnics.

Where to have a picnic in madrid

As a couple, with family, with friends … picnic is the ideal plan to share time with your loved ones while enjoying the environment. By doing outdoor activities you will be contributing to the well-being with these benefits:

  • Improve short-term memory
  • Anti-stress effect
  • Reduce mental fatigue
  • Combat depression and anxiety
  • Protect your eyesight by reducing exposure to screens.
  • Help concentration
  • Improve academic performance

Just like wearing thin jackets, there are few perfect days for a picnic in Madrid, so make the most of them. Between the rains and the extreme heat, the city sky usually gives us a few days of splendid sunshine and light breeze, of those that you almost do not remember the temperature. That’s when you have to go to the green areas with a blanket, a basket full of food and the best company to enjoy the good weather.

Parks for picnics in Madrid

In Madrid there are parks for all tastes, but we have chosen the places where to have a perfect spring or autumn picnic.

The Casa de Campo Lake

In its 1,700 hectares it is easy to decide where to sit and enjoy the sun, food and flowers, but the area around the lake is ideal for picnics and you can also see the emblematic Edificio España from some points. If they are too crowded there is an area near behind the tennis courts with tables and a gazebo, probably less crowded and much greener. It is possible that on the way you will find a rabbit hole, the area is crowded, but you have to be attentive.

West park stream

Following the man-made creek of West Park we find some of the best spots to settle down for lunch. Listening to the little jumps of the water in the shade of a tree is an ideal plan to feel like you’ve left the city behind when you’re just a stone’s throw from Moncloa and Argüelles. In the lower area of the park, around the traffic circle with the elongated fountain, little traveled by cars and with a grove of trees acting as a natural roof, you will also find one of the perfect spots to rest.

The green route of Madrid Río

In the seven kilometers of green route along the Madrid Rio, the best area for a picnic is past the Toledo Bridge. The area that has been called the beach of Madrid Rio has large lawns, fountains and even slides and is away from the bike lane area. If it is a plan with children, here they will not get bored.

Since it opened in 2011, the park has managed to revitalize several almost peripheral neighborhoods and be a perfect alternative for outdoor sports.

picnic en madrid rio

Tierno Galván Park

In the neighborhood of Legazpi, at the southern end of the capital, is the Tierno Galván park, which has a particular structure thanks to its open-air auditorium that could also serve as the perfect place to spread out our tablecloth and eat. Except for special events, it is not usually very crowded and it is big enough to find the perfect location for the plan.

Tio Pio Hill (or Seven Tits Park)

Tio Pio Hill in Puente de Vallecas is one of the city’s best-known viewpoints. These hills, which have acquired the popular name of Siete Tetas for their sinuous silhouette, were at the beginning of the last century a shantytown that ended up being destroyed and converted into a park. The views not only of the city, but also of the outskirts, even of the Sierra in the background, are its great attraction, but its lawn also invites you to improvise an outdoor meal with the best scenery in the background.

Garden of the Vistillas

The Vistillas offer the best views of the Almudena, hence its name. This park in Madrid de los Austrias is structured by stairs surrounded by vegetation and bordered by the Segovia viaduct. The terraces, which are actually the resting points of the stairs, serve as improvised picnic areas and are perfect for watching the sunset with the Casa de Campo in the background, while you have a bite to eat.

The park culminates in the Plaza de Gabriel Miró, where some of Madrid’s festivals, such as San Isidro and La Paloma, are celebrated.

The Retiro

picnic en retiro

Picnicking at the Retiro is something that sooner or later (if you live in this city) is going to happen, even if you don’t plan it. After a walk around the lake, having visited the Crystal Palace and discovered its Popular Libraries you have to choose where to stay. Among the 118 hectares there is enough space, even for a city like this, a good option is to find a space between the Palacio de Cristal and the Palacio de Velázquez.

Country areas in madrid

As there are always doubts about which is the best place in Madrid for a picnic, we suggest other areas of Madrid so that your picnic becomes an unforgettable evening able to conquer any heart.

Herrería Forest

Madrid has many leisure areas scattered throughout the Community. One of the most successful is the picnic, a perfect plan for both family and romantic dates. An idyllic place for picnics near Madrid is the forest of La Herrería. In this forest you will find a pleasant area with a special charm: pine trees, tables, wooden benches and parking. This place can be accessed from the municipalities of Villa de El Escorial and San Lorenzo de El Escorial.

Pontoon of Oliva

Another recommended spot is the Pontón de la Oliva, a place where you can have a quiet snack while the little ones run around on the lawn. Take the blanket and the road and escape to one of the most popular places to clear your head. What will you find? An area set up for eating next to a huge dam. The most adventurous will have the opportunity to climb, one of the most entertaining activities in the place.

Campillo Lagoon

Another of the wonders you can find for picnics in the surroundings of Madrid is the Laguna del Campillo, located just 20 kilometers away in the Parque del Sureste. It is easy to go to the place by car, although it is also a good option to opt for public transport, as it is not complicated to get to the entrance, from Rivas-Vaciamadrid, while you take a walk along its shore. It is a great excursion, especially for children who can go on foot or by bike.

The picnic area of El Pardo

picnic en el pardo

Following the Senda Fluvial del Manzanares we arrive at El Pardo. Crossing the Puente de los Capuchinos and bordering this magnificent mountain that is one of the best preserved Mediterranean forests in Europe, we reach the dam near Mingorrubio, which also has one of the best picnic areas in Madrid to enjoy the Manzanares River.

The in-between seasons are a fleeting concept, but the days that allow you to enjoy the green areas of the city and the surrounding forests with the perfect excuse to eat and drink outdoors is one of the best gifts in Madrid.

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