Parks and gardens in Madrid

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Parks and gardens in Madrid

The Retiro Park: 

It is a green space of 118 hectares located in the centre of the city, which acts as the lungs of the capital. It is the most important park in the city, as well as being the favourite of the people of Madrid and of the millions of tourists who choose Madrid as their destination.

In this park a unique phenomenon occurs, as well as enjoying its abundant flora, we can see a variety of shows, musicians, fortune tellers, and we can also take a boat ride on the lake.

From Barbieri, we would like to highlight a series of activities that you can carry out if you decide to visit the park.

  1. Concerts: Where the Symphonic Band of the Community of Madrid performs, every Sunday during summer at 12:00 in the morning in the park’s pavilion.
  2. Puppet theatre and storytelling: This is a perfect plan to go with the little ones, where they can enjoy and learn with the show, also respecting the mandatory social distance measures caused by the pandemic.

3.Rowing Boats: As we mentioned before, this green space has a great variety of activities, but the best known is to take a boat ride on the pond. The boats have been reopened, guaranteeing optimal sanitary measures, and you can book them online.

4.Crystal Palace: where you can admire its 23-metre-high dome and free exhibitions.

These are the main activities that we have highlighted, but you can also visit the palace of Velázquez, enjoy the terraces of the park, do sports with the family, observe its great variety of statues and fountains…


el retiro
Pond of the Retiro


Capricho Park:

This green space, also located in the city centre, has an extension of 14 hectares, where we can find three different types of gardens: French style, Italian style, and English style.

It is a less popular park than El Retiro, but if you have chosen Madrid as your holiday destination or if you live in the city and have not visited it yet, it is a perfect place to stroll and enjoy its corners and diverse vegetation, especially during the summer days.

The Park has an extensive terrain full of nooks and crannies that are worth getting lost in. Some of it most famous sites are: El Casino de Baile, where big parties are held, El Templete de Baco, El Laberinto, La Casa Vieja, and the bunker that was built during the civil war.

El Capricho is the only Romantic Garden that remains in Madrid and is without doubt one of the most beautiful parks in the city.



141111 Parks and gardens in Madrid madrid alquiler
El Capricho. Jorge Tutor


Botanical Garden:

With more than 5,000 species of plants distributed throughout the park, the Royal Botanical Garden of Madrid is a pleasant green lung located in the centre of the city, next to the Prado Museum, it became one of the most important botanical gardens in Europe in the 19th century.

This green space is divided into four staggered terraces, along with the different species that  can be found. In the first terrace, located in the upper area, where the exhibitions are held, we find a diversity of collections, such as the bonsais of Felipe González.

On the second terrace, there is a pond and greenhouses. On the third terrace there is a plant route that shows us from the most primitive plants to the modern ones.

Finally, on the fourth level, the lowest level, you will find the most attractive plants to the human eye, as well as medicinal, aromatic and fruit plants.

This garden is also an extraordinary place to enjoy the summer evenings in the open air and to experience the music of the best artists of our country. With their concerts: The magic of the Botanical Nights:


jardin botanico
Inside of the Botanical Garden


Casa de campo:

The country house is five times the size of the legendary Central Park in New York.

It is so large that it would be madness to walk around it, which is why it is the perfect place for a bike ride, nevertheless it is possible to visit some of the most pleasant spots while walking among holm oaks, ash trees, elms, and pines.

The heart of the Casa de Campo welcomes various facilities such as the amusement park, the zoo, part of the IFEMA fairgrounds, Madrid Arena, the cable car, and the Club de Campo.

As in the Parque del Retiro, we can rent a boat to go for a ride on the lake. It is an ideal park to stroll around enjoying its nature, or to have a drink in some of the terraces.


Casa de Campo lake


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