How much does a flat cost in Madrid

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Buying a flat is still one of the dreams of the spanish. According to some surveys, one in four Spaniards prefer buying a house in contrast to renting. The same survey of I Housing Market Observatory also reflects that spanish people, we don’t only take into account the square meters, but we also pay attention to the infrastructure and specially, the quality, also in relation with the zone. 

The purchase of a home supposes one of the most important decisions that are taken in life and your perfect home cannot be found overnight. It takes time and patience. 

Finding a home that adapts to all necessities (garden, garage, storage, swimming pool, etc.) is fundamental, but also is outstanding to appreciate all options of financing. 

Spain offers a big infinity of laboral possibilities and, normally, people usually look for their dream apartment or house, according to their economy and, many times, in a zone close to their workplace. Comfort is another essential aspect, also for the economy of all residents.   

From Barbieri Real Estate, specialists on rental housing, we offer you a little treasure that includes all you need to know to live in the beautiful capital of Spain. Your home is in Madrid!

houses in madrid


How much does a flat cost in Spain


When assessing the prices of a flat/house, many external factors to the real estate sector are taken into account that, directly, affect it and generate ups or downs. The truth is that in Spain and the rest of the world they just went through a hard blow by the Covid-19 pandemic that, unfortunately, still persists and has led to a crisis in the country.  

This crisis has affected all Spanish people and foreigners that reside in the country, translated into a sharp rise in prices and taxes. Nevertheless, life continues and people also want to build a life and take a home. But, before launching to buy you must take into account a series of characteristics that will help you to opt for one option or another. In the actually, Spain counts with a price of 1.814€/m2 this last month of February, which has meant an increase of 2,4% in comparison to february of 2021 and a decrease of 0.6% compared to last January 2022. 


Once you already have the price per square meter, you can start to explore for the differents real estate agencies and also for sales of an individual property; taking account of three relevant factors, when valuing a home, although they may vary: 

  • The real price depends on the market and housing status. 
  • The cadastral value, assigned by the administration, goes hand in hand with the payment of taxes. 
  • The written price, that appears before the notary and is also usually lower than the real price.

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On the other hand, you must choose if you prefer to buy a flat or a house. That election is too important, considering that they have nothing to do with each other. In the case of a house, you have more space, more privacy and more security, but more maintenance expenses and they are usually farther from the center of the city.

In the case of a flat, maintenance costs are lower, prices are cheaper and you can opt to buy a flat in the heart of Madrid, but the space is lower and, sometimes, noise from the streets can be disturbing 

In any case, both of options are valid and are intimately related to the buyer´s preferences.


How much does it cost to rent an apartment in Madrid

 Madrid continues to occupy the first place of the most expensive square meters with Barcelona, resulting in an average price of 14.85€/m2. However, the capital of Spain is one of the best cities to live at the socio-economic level, great quality of life and endless opportunities to find work. 

When renting a flat in Madrid, you should consider two essential factors: again, your economy and your workplace. They go hand in hand, given that many opt for renting a house close to their job to avoid in this way traffic in the capital or public transport time. If your work is near home, the comfort of movement and the saving money will make your life easier. 

On the other hand, it should be pointed that  Madrid has a wide range of areas and neighborhoods in which the price varies considerably. So, renting a flat in the neighborhood of Salamanca oscillates between 17.62€/m2 and 19.35€/m2, which represents one of the best and esteemed zones of Madrid and, consequently, more expensive.  Therefore, you can opt to reside in the district of Chamartín which also has stylish areas where you live and the price goes down and oscillates between 13.71€/m2 to 16.58€/m2.  

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Doubtlessly, finding a rental in Madrid can be too funny because each zone has something that makes it special and prices are an authentic rollercoaster; of course, if you look for luxury and quality you will take it, but if you look for something more affordable you will find it too. 

Doubtlessly, finding a rental in Madrid can be complex by the variety of zones, all of them with their characteristics and their advantages. Therefore, we recommend you to have patience and realize a search also related to the area where yo prefer to reside. At Madrid you have thousand and one options and surely you find a house adapted to your needs.


How much does a sheltered apartment cost in Madrid

Sheltered flats are houses in a VPO rental regime intended for people over 60 years of age or with a disability greater than 40%. Madrid counts with many properties with sheltered houses which are grouped dwellings that offer a comprehensive care service. Likewise, the capital has civil protection floors for those with economic or integration problems.

Sheltered flats are designed for these persons to live temporarily and, sometimes, definitively in a place where they recieve all the help possible to optimize their autonomy and task development. 

sheltered houses in madrid

When choosing a sheltered apartment, several requirements are taken into consideration that persons must achieve for the same; such as: an age range between 18-50 years, assessment of their economic and familiar situation, certificate of disability from 33% and, obviously, go to social services that will help all people who has these requirements and will offer them the flat they need. 

So, it should be noted that the famous and prestigious AISS (Association of social initiatives) from 1999 offers sheltered apartments to disability people, with attention services and social rehabilitation and even a home help service. It has flats in Lagasca,  O’Donnell, Retiro, Alcorcón and the neighborhood of Chamberí. 


At Barbieri Real Estate, specialists on rental housing, we offer you properties in the neighborhoods of Aravaca, Chamberí and Salamanca. Discover all our offer of available apartments in Madrid. 


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