Where to swim in Madrid

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Swim in Madrid

Winter is coming to the end and the people from Madrid begin to think about the heat, the good weather, the terraces and… obviously, the most appetizing: the bathing season that starts from 15 th of May in the Community of Madrid and comes to stay, one and only, to 15 th of September. 

In spite of being multitude of zones to take a dip, there are four that are exhaustively controlated, as regards water quality: Las Presillas, of Lozoya´s river situated in Rascafría; Los Villares, of Tajo´s river situated in Estremera; El Muro and Virgen de la Nueva, in San Juan´s reservoir and San Martín of Valdeiglesias and The beach of Alberche, of Alberche´s river situated in Aldea del Fresno. 

The truth is that many people don’t  have the possibility of moving to another place to enjoy the beach or a swimming pool at their home, but are they going to put up with a whole sizzling summer under the scorching streets of Madrid?

The answer is no because… What many don’t know is that the capital hides a wide variety of bathing areas to cool off, swim or spend a wonderful day with the family or friends accompanied by a nice picnic. We know that you’re planning on taking out the swimsuit and preparing your bag and we´re not going to let you down.  

From Barbieri Real Estate, specialists on rental housing, we offer you all destinations that will make your summer more refreshing. Pay a lot of attention, take paper and pen and take note! 


 Swim in Madrid


What lakes are there in Madrid

Besides staying in Madrid during summer months, you are one of those who stays working… You don’t have to shut yourself in your home to protect yourself from the heat because the good weather deserves to be enjoyed. And those long walks that offer the shore of the lakes in Madrid deserve your presence. Moreover, when the sun goes down, remember to sweeten with a cool ice cream while you enjoy watching a wonderful sunset with your favorite person. 

Moreover, you have to choose and go to a different place every evening. One option too original can be the lake of La Casa de Campo where you can rent a rowboat, near to the jetty and enjoy a delicious stroll; for only 4,30 euros and during almost 1 hour. Doubtlessly, the perfect plan! 

lakes Madrid

Also, you can take the little ones from the house to Lake Loranca, situated in the south zone of Madrid. There, you will have a fun afternoon feeding the ducks who embellish the lake even more. 


Lakes close to Madrid

In Madrid there is something for all tastes and hobbies; so, if your passion is fishing you can take the complete kit to Lake La Poveda, situated in Arganda del Rey. The perfect place to get away, enjoy the landscape and throw the cane. 

For strawberry lovers, the village of Aranjuez, at only 46 km from the capital, offers to their visitors the prince’s gardens of Aranjuez. There, you will find the well-known Estanque de los Chinescos; an artificial lake, but too special considering that it enjoys three monuments inside of three temples with an architectural style that won´t leave you indifferent. Definitely, don´t forget to take a sack of bread because ducks will thank you. 

Don’t be lazy, taking the car for a few kilometers is worth it. The experience is fabulous. 


Beaches near from Madrid

In full nature there is the swamp of San Juan, popularly known as “the beach of Madrid”. At just 70 km of the capital and situated in the locality of San Martín de Valdeiglesias. This place has been converted in the perfect destine of bathers and has already her blue flag, a certificate of quality that represents a superior distinction because it collects a series of qualities: excellence, security and quality. 

Furthermore, you can realize a multitude of aquatic activities or get lost around his enchanted forest. Obviously, it counts with some beach bars to drink something after a long bath. And how forget the zone of Virgen de la Nueva and El Muro, where you can enjoy an unbeatable environment.

Another option more irresistible than the last one but not for that better, is located in the municipality of Aldea del Fresno and is the beach of Alberche, situated in the confluence of the rivers Alberche, Perales and Berciana. 


beaches madrid

So much dip may be uphill for you if you have that adventure feeling flying around you inside. Don´t worry because you can make a weekend trip to the old town of Aldea del Fresno and visit  the Pedrera´s bridge. Views are spectacular, but its antiquity is more spectacular because it adds 300 years from her construction. You´ve lost for words, really?

Now you have the perfect excuse to make a family plan because there’s nothing more beautiful than adding family moments: unique and unforgettable. 


Natural pools in Madrid to bathe

There are probably people who think that Rascafría is a place to visit in winter months, because it is a place close to the mountains. But, the certainty is that in summer this place can be converted into your next ideal spot. Here, there are the three natural pools, well-known as Las Presillas of Rascafría and situated in the Lozoya riverbed. An idyllic place that enjoys unbeatable views towards the Peñalara peak, so its waters are cooler, something essential to evade the sweltering of the capital.  

And the baths are not only its principal activity, but you can opt one of the routes offered on horseback or by bicycle. 

Although Madrid knows a lot of natural pools. For example, in Buitrago de Lozoya there is the park of Riosquesillo. It should be pointed out that this place has one of the biggest swimming pools in Madrid, with 4.500 square meters. 

Leisure is abundant here: from their soccer flip flops or basketball and circuits with fitness equipment, going through their locker rooms, toilets and infirmary until their beautiful green spaces surrounded by picnic areas to gather strengths. 


natural pools Madrid

The important thing is remember that at these bath authorized zoes you must behave responsibly when bathing or not littering to continue preservering these special places that bring so much happiness in the summer months. Be responsible and enjoy! 


Parks with lakes in Madrid

Another option comes from the hand of a good excursion to Capricho´s Park, where there is the Capricho´s Lake of Madrid, the perfect place to enjoy the neoclassical gardens with that french touch of their monuments. Is considerate as one of the most beautiful places in Madrid.  

But, we can´t forget the well-known and one of the most visited: Retiro´s Park. Walking through all their retreats is a reliable enjoyment, but the best is to arrive at that clear lake that honors the pond with the presence of Alfonso XII monument. A place full of life to walk, enjoy some of their spectacles that, repeatedly, offer and, again rent a boat for rowing lovers.  

parks with lakes madrid

Innovating always results in satisfactory, but the sites of all life never fails, and that is the most satisfaction of all.

Lagoons in the mountains of Madrid

At the mountains of Guadarrama you can appreciate a shoe shape orientated from southwest to northwest, that conforms to the Bird´s lagoon, located northwest of Peñalara´s peak.   

Of glacial origin, it usually stays frozen in winter months with some fluctuations in summer. Therefore and despite the list of places to enjoy during hot months, we can´t stop offering you this peculiar place that has the Natural Park of Peñalara, to get lost and enjoy the wonders that nature offers.  

However, you can visit The lagoon of Duque, located in Solana de Ávila (range mountains of Gredos). The perfect place for every anxious person to arrive at any place, now that the access to the reservoir is made through the path (you can´t access by car), that will take you to the shore lagoon, where you will enjoy the absolute peace and a delicious landscape

lagoons mountains madrid


And nothing has to envy the Lagoon of the Birds, well at Gredos also frost falls. With her it forms cascades or frost trees, making up an invernal magic route. 

If someone was waiting to escape from the heat and trying to dodge it between the four walls of their home, expectancy has knocked at the door and is well loaded with destinies that will make their plans, perfect days. To live in Madrid is a surprise box!

At Barbieri Real Estate, specialists on rental housing, we offer you apartments in the neighborhoods of Aravaca, Chamberí and Salamanca. Discover all our offer of available apartments in Madrid. 

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