7 Things you need to know to find a job in Madrid

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To find a job in Madrid is not easy. It requires a lot of organization and patience. Madrid is the capital of Spain, so the chances of finding a job are multiplied and once you find it you will have to look for an apartment in Madrid, a task that can become complicated. Comunidad de Madrid including Madrid city are one of the best places to start from zero. There are plenty of oportunities. In this article you will find useful information about 7 Things you should know to find a job in Madrid.

Where to find a job in Madrid

Buscar trabajo en MadridKnowing where to find a job in Madrid is the first essential step. Nowadays the market is very competitive and it is not enough to apply to job offers. Keep your LinkedIn profile up to date and be very active. Follow the companies where you would like to work and even try to connect with their employees. Send resumes to companies as an unsolicited application to make yourself known. Be creative and proactive, these are values that any company takes into account.

The best companies to work for in Spain

Among the companies certified as ‘top employer’ this year in Spain are: Acciona, Airbus, Alcampo, Allianz Seguros, Altadis, Amadeus IT Group, Amazon, AstraZeneca Farmacéutica, AXA, Banco Santander, Bankinter, Bayer, Cepsa, Chupa Chups or Huawei Technologies. In addition, other companies such as Indra, ING, Leroy Merlin, Lidl Supermercados, Mapfre, Michelin, Mutua Madrileña, Nationale-Nederlanden, Naturgy, Novartis Farmacéutica, Olympus, Orange, Otis, PepsiCo, Pfizer, Puma, Sandoz, Scania, Securitas Direct, Toyota, Volkswagen Group España Distribución and Zurich Seguros are also on the list.

Once you make contact and have a few interviews scheduled you will have to see where to stay.

Where to stay for days to find a job in Madrid

In addition to the option of a hotel or hostel there is the possibility of renting an apartment for days. This can allow you to live for a few days in your possible future neighborhood.

Where do I live?

The city of Madrid has 3,334,730 registered inhabitants and the Community of Madrid has more than 6 million inhabitants. Living in the outskirts is usually an option for those who get a job outside the metropolitan area, but like everything, it has its advantages and disadvantages. Opting for the center will allow you to live with the comforts. If you are young and without family the best option is to live in the center and if your job is well communicated you will be able to move by public transport without problems. If you have a family and do not want to live far from the center, the Aravaca neighborhood would be a great option.

The best neighborhoods to live and work in Madrid

From Madrid to the sky… Living in Madrid is for everyone. Its extension and effervescent activity offer a whole world of possibilities for those who come to the city. No matter your age, if you have a family or any other aspect, you are sure to find a great place to live.

However, if you don’t know the city you may find yourself a bit lost. With this list you will surely have a clearer idea:

  • Moncloa-Aravaca: a varied offer for families.

The area of Moncloa-Aravaca offers a great variety when it comes to choosing where to live. In Aravaca, the old town coexists with the new developments of apartments, townhouses and chalets.

  • Chamberí: quality of life in the center of MadridBarrio de Chamberi Barbieri Real State

Chamberí offers proximity to the center but with the tranquility of a neighborhood without so much hustle and bustle.

The Salamanca neighborhood offers the exclusivity of the best stores and the tranquility of the proximity of the Retiro Park.

How to rent in Madrid after to find a job in Madrid

Renting in Madrid is not an easy task. Follow these 10 tips to rent in Madrid:

  1. Define search: budget, region and type
  2. Define: How and where to start looking?
  3. Beware of scams
  4. Respond quickly to interesting ads
  5. Visit the apartment in detail
  6. There is little room to negotiate
  7. If the apartment is suitable, book quickly
  8. Study the contract carefully
  9. Understand the rights and obligations
  10. Get a renters insurance quote

And now what: Leisure in Madrid

The leisure agenda in Madrid is inexhaustible. For someone new to Madrid is also very easy to make friends or meet people thanks to apps like Meetup where group plans of all kinds are organized: from getaways to the Sierra to parties in central locations.

Top cities near to Madrid are Segovia, Alcalá de Henares and Toledo. You can go on a trip for a day to visit them.

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