The safest neighborhoods in Madrid

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the safest neighborhoods in madrid

Talk about quality of life, always goes bound, at least in part, with security. When buying or renting a house, we don’t only search for a peaceful zone, with green spaces, good schools or good connected. A safe neighborhood is also fundamental. 

Madrid and her more than six million inhabitants, according to the latest data from 2021, offers to their residents a big variety of areas to live. 

Experts point out that residing in the north of Madrid is better and the quality of the life of the north of the capital, with zones such as Pozuelo, Majadahonda or Boadilla, exceeds that of the south. But we cannot let pass other centric zones such as the Neighborhood of Malasaña or the neighborhood of Salamanca. Both are considered centric with a variety of advantages. 

If you´re thinking of relocating to the capital of Spain or changing neighborhood. Madrid won´t be indifferent by her wide variety and cosmopolitan character that will make you choose a perfect zone to live for you. 

From Barbieri Real Estate, specialists on rental housing, we show you the most reliable neighborhoods in Madrid, so you can enjoy your life in Madrid. Don´t miss it! 

the safest neighborhoods in madrid


The safest neighborhoods in Madrid


Finding a perfect zone to live is not easy. Each one of us has different necessities. There are those who prefer to reside in more expensive zones, with large green areas and far from the center, whereas others opt for residential zones more affordable and close to their workplace

With all, and independently of our preferences at the time of living, it should be noted some neighborhoods from Madrid which are considered the safest to live in. 

The district of Chamberí is an excellent location now that is close by the center and also by the district of Salamanca. It is also a quiet area with diverse neighborhoods such as Gaztambide, Río Rosas, Amagro or Vallehermoso. Her cultural offer is another aspect that defines her, where we can find various theaters such as Galileo Theater or The Abadía and also enjoys a lot of services; for example: comerces, hospitals, restaurants, gyms, parks… 


Encontrar una zona perfecta para vivir no es fácil. Cada uno de nosotros cuenta con necesidades diferentes. Los hay que prefieren residir en zonas más caras, con amplias zonas verdes y alejadas del centro, mientras que otros se decantan por zonas residenciales más asequibles y cerca del lugar de trabajo. 

Also in the center and one of the most secure options of the capital is the district of Chamartín. With a total of 50 incidents in January, is one of the lowest rates of police actions in Madrid. Likewise, Chamartín is converted in a residential area higly demanded by their good connections in relation to the public transport and the large variety of services that it offers.

district of chamartín

If that were not enough, Chamartín is considered one of the business areas in Madrid and an area of soccer interest thanks to the Santiago Bernabeu stadium, currently under construction. 

So, you have some neighborhoods to choose in the district of Chamartín: The Viso, Ciudad Jardín, Hispanoamérica, Nueva España or Castilla. Another important aspect is that these neighborhoods are an excellent choice for families with children because they have a lot of schools, parks and green areas.  


The best zones of Madrid 

Surely, one of the best zones in Madrid is the neighborhood of Salamanca. Her streets, replete with high end stores, are been surrounded by families, normally, with great purchasing power and always in relation with the big quality in their lifestyle. Their long avenues of the nineteenth century make it the “Golden Mile” and are surrounded by luxurious shops with renowned firms, multitude of restaurants with the advantage for their residents of being able to find historical buildings with comprehensive reforms to modern and novel houses. 

The truth is that her price is one of the most expensive in the capital, but those who want to relocate to the district of Salamanca can find a home more economical in the heart of Madrid. It should be pointed out that some neighborhoods, such as: Goya, Fuente del Berro, Recoletos or Lista.  

However, the neighborhoods mentioned until now can considered located in a centric zone of the capital and, many times, people look for more tranquility searching for a more remote area where they usually find beautiful urbanizations with gardens, swimming pool, paddle tennis courts, gym… or they can also find the chalet of their dreams. 

neighborhood of salamanca

Therefore, you can choose the zone of Moncloa-Aravaca where you will find neighborhoods closest to the city, like the one in Arguelles or quieter zones with urbanizations, row houses and chalets, for example the zone of Aravaca. If you want a little more luxury you can go to Valdemarín, with real dream houses. 

If your likings are decanted by new construction and avoid any type of reform, you can move to the zone of Valdebebas where they have built and continue on building multitude of first quality urbanizations y and diverse architectonic projects to make chalets for the zone. Arguably, it is a relatively new zone, but it doesn´t stop growing not only at housing level, but also with essential services that are needed: supermarkets, restaurants and green spaces. Highlight the novel Nurse Isabel Zendal Hospital or the sportive city of Real Madrid. 


The least safe neighborhoods in Madrid

The south zone of Madrid comprises areas least safe to reside. The lack of security does not lie in the fact that they are areas with poor houses because you can find wonderful chalets or flats with great quality to live but the crime rate is higher than in the previously mentioned neighborhoods and makes it more unsafe. 


Vallecas Bridge continues being one of the most unsafe districts in Madrid. The rate of crime has descended by 7,5% the last 2021, registering 1.083 arrests in the district, and the lastest month of January of 2022 concluded with 86 arrests. It should be noted that some of their neighborhoods, such as: Entrevías, Palomeras Sureste, Numancia, San Diego or Portazgo. 

least safe neighborhoods in madrid


On the other hand, the district of Carabanchel is another of the most insecure in Madrid and the most moving crime is the drug dealing, last January 2022 there were 34 arrested. 


Nevertheless, these neighborhoods also have multitude of urbanizations of new construction and multitude of houses surrounded by green areas, parks, cycling paths and athletics, schools, supermarkets, bars…


Even so, the advantage that these zones have is that the houses are more affordable and count also with quality real estate, as buildings as modern urbanizations and chalet zones. Within them, you can also find higher security areas. It should be noted that the municipality of Getafe, although is a little further from the city center, is in the south zone and has luxurious and pleasant areas to live; such as the neighborhood of Los Molinos.  

Now you know in depth some of the neighborhoods that the capital of Spain offers, even if her infinity of possibilities can always bring with it some surprise. However, Madrid has demonstrated to be one of the best cities in Spain to live in, now that living in it allows you to choose the kind of neighborhood you want. 

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