Practising sport in Madrid

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Sport in madrid

Practicing sports in Madrid is easy.

Madrid is one of the cities in Europe with more possibilities and offers of art, nature or gastronomy.

But Madrid is also one of the cities with the most green areas in Europe, such as the Retiro Park and the Casa de Campo, located in the heart of the city centre and two of the most significant places in the capital.

So, if you would like to discover Madrid from a sporting point of view, we have prepared this blog, so that you can explore the city practising sport and getting to know in depth its variety of sporting activities.

In Madrid you can practice up to 110 different sports adapted to each age group.

Major sports such as swimming, football, basketball, tennis or gymnastics and also unique sports such as kenpo, unihockey, fencing, canoeing, skating, climbing, mountain biking, archery… the range of sports on offer in our city is very wide.

To do so, all you have to do is consult your nearest municipal sports centre to see which physical exercise is best suited to you.

In today’s blog we would like to make a ranking of what we think are the ten best gyms in the community:

Reebok Sports Club:

Located in the central Salamanca neighbourhood and more specifically in the prestigious ABC Serrano Shopping Centre, this gym has more than 4,500 m2 where you can enjoy a very complete workout that aims to achieve physical and mental wellbeing.

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Reebok Sport Club

IMove Gym:

Here, all training is personal and focused on sports rehabilitation, rehabilitation and physiotherapy.

Depending on your physical capacity, you will attend one class or another, and during the training you will always have a professional at your side who will guide you to do each exercise correctly.

Boutique Gym by Martín Giacchetta:

We move again to the Salamanca neighbourhood to stop at Boutique Gym. It is inspired by the iconic French boutique shops.

Have you ever seen a gym with artwork hanging on the wall?

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Boutique Gym by Martín Giacchetta

CrossFit Singular Box:

CrossFit has been in fashion for many years now, and there are some gyms that offer this modality.

It is a space of no more and no less than 1,400 m2 located in the heart of Madrid and dedicated to this intense training system based on functional exercises.

Coworkout Madrid:

At Coworkout Madrid they aim to extend the life expectancy of human beings from 85 to 144 years, and they define themselves as an ecological gym with useful training for life, where they want you to detoxify your organism.

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Coworkout Madrid

Altafit Gym Club:

In this list of gyms in Madrid, there also had to be room for a low cost. Because sometimes doing sport takes a back seat in our lives or we can’t invest as much as we’d like. For this, one of the best options in the city is the Altafit Gym Club chain.

You have approximately 23 centres throughout the city


One of the best gyms in Madrid with the most complete fitness offer in the heart of the Chamberí district. This Sports Club has a large Fitness Room with the latest technology.

Urban Spa, Directed Activities rooms with the widest range of activities in the city, Personal Training, Pilates, Cycling Room and Beauty Centre.

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Metropolitan Gym

What are you waiting for to start doing sport and get fit?

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