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Relaxing is essential and living in a big city, like Madrid, doesn´t have to be synonymous with continued stress. While it is true that the rhythm of the capital, their bottlenecks and its frenetic beat seem to have the word tension written on them, it is important to know that Madrid also offers a thousand and one places to relax. 


For this, you don’t have to leave the region. At the capital you can find a good number of ideal retreats, to enjoy alone, in couple or traveling with children, that inspire calm, liberty sensation and will make you disconnect 100 percent of the daily hustle and bustle. 

In the middle of nature, now that spring is here and invites us to go out; in massage centers and in many other places, peace and tranquility knock at your door in Madrid.

From Barbieri Real Estate, specialists in rental housing, we discover some of the places where you can relax in Madrid so you can rest every day of the year. You dare?

Places to relax in madrid


Relaxing places in Madrid


Madrid hides a thousand and one secrets and places to discover. And although it is true that there are very crowded places, it is no less true that some of the best-known destinations offer the option of relaxing.

One of the places where we can rest is in the hotels that the capital has. Many of them have a spa, heated pools, massage services and much more, so that customers can rest their body and mind.

relaxing in madrid

In addition, resting in a hotel can be quite an experience since you can also choose to stay the night and have a complete relaxing experience, along with a full breakfast. Sounds good? Wait to read our recommendations.



The Four Seasons Hotel Madrid, located in the heart of the capital, is one of our recommendations so you can relax in the capital. It has a 14-meter indoor pool so you can swim and unwind, it offers its customers steam baths, a sauna and even a solarium to capture vitamin D from the hours of sunshine that Madrid offers. And if you have a little more time, don´t hesitate to book one of its eight massage cabins. Relax in its pure state.



Sense a Rosewood Spa has arrived in Madrid and is going strong to delight its clients with an authentic Zen philosophy. Its Wellness area service has a Finnish sauna, Jacuzzi and a marble hamman brought from Turkey.

Located in Paseo de la Castellana it  promises not to leave you indifferent.

hotels to relax



Located in Paseo de la Castellana, 259, this five-star hotel is defined as an exclusive oasis that offers its clients all the services they need to achieve mental and physical balance.

At 120 meters high, you can enjoy its incredible views of the capital while you enjoy a thermal circuit or give yourself a massage.

Pamper yourself a little more with one of its body and facial treatments.

facial treatments


However, you may not be a fan of relaxing in a hotel and prefer to spend time strolling the streets of the capital or enjoying a good coffee on a terrace to disconnect and reconnect with yourself. Is it your case? We propose places to relax in Madrid that are within your reach and will get you to recharge your batteries.


Museo Sorolla

Sorolla museum is one of the best known in the capital. Not only art will capture your attention and make you travel to unthinkable places and times, it also has gardens full of vegetation.

The sound of the water fountain will transport you close to the sea or the river and you can enjoy the sound in any of the various corner benches. Without a doubt, an oasis of tranquility in the middle of Madrid.


The Fugitive Bar

Loneliness may or may not be accompanied by solitude and a good book, and the climate of Madrid, without a doubt, invites you to relax in places where silence and sun reign. At Bar La Fugitiva you can enjoy a good coffee along with a good read, while you relax.

library cafeteria to relax

Located in the La Latina neighborhood, on Calle de las Maldonadas, 3, La Fugitiva bar has become a haven of peace in the center of the capital for all those who want to enjoy some time for themselves.


Capricho´s Park

Built by the Duchess of Osuna in 1937, and located in Alameda de Osuna, Capricho´s park is an enclave for all those who want to enjoy and relax in an open-air space. In addition to being one of the Madrid Parks with a Lake.

A place full of gardens to walk in the sun, and really little crowded due to its large size. Rest while you walk through its vegetation, contemplate its sculptures or visit its pond.


Relaxing massage places in Madrid

If we think of relaxation, we probably relate massages to the word. This therapeutic technique is one of the oldest to treat pain, but also a wonderful method to rest.

The capital, due to its density and size, has numerous professionals of various techniques who offer an unbeatable service. Without a doubt, one of the best plans to relax in Madrid.


Madrid Sol y Agua

One of the best known places to enjoy a massage in Madrid is, without a doubt, Madrid Sol y Agua. Located on Calle de la Infanta Mercedes, 36 offers a wide variety of massages and for all budgets. Here you can choose, among other services, for: head massages, anti-stress massages, four-hand massages, hot stone massages and much more.

massages to relax


Tierra Índigo

Another option to go is Tierra Indigo. Located in the heart of Madrid, in the Goya area, they are experts in using oriental techniques in their services. Here you can enjoy a good Thai massage or reflexology. Your sentence? «A massage as relaxing as decontracting.»


The Nook

To achieve balance between body and mind, we recommend you go to The Nook. Its wide range of massages is designed for any situation, and you can also go as a couple. In addition, they offer special massages for pregnant women.

As if that were not enough, in addition to decontracting, anti-cellulite or reducing massages, they offer a peculiarity that will not leave you indifferent. Their «rituals» include massages with aromatic oils with essences of oriental herbs.

oriental oils

Now more than ever your most relaxing plan will be to give yourself a massage and Madrid has the perfect places for your zen moment.


Esenzias Madrid

An ideal place is Esenzias Madrid, with a minimalist and Japanese style. Its services offer the perfect combination to go to the center alone or accompanied. You can choose between its classic and oriental massages, accompanied by a hot bath in the ofuro (typical Japanese wooden bath) and as the place indicates: «The Ofuro Ritual». 

ofuro ritual


Relaxing plans in couple in Madrid

Love and relaxation are two of the most beautiful things in life. And there is nothing better than being able to enjoy plans as a couple that help us reconnect and rest after long weeks. The good news: you don’t have to leave Madrid or go on vacation to be able to combine love and relaxation.


 La Bodega de los secretos

A good dinner or lunch never fails. And although Madrid offers a thousand and one possibilities to enjoy a delicacy, we recommend La Bodega de los secretos. Located in the Atocha area, it can be considered one of the most intimate and romantic restaurants in the capital.

intimate restaurant to go in couple

Enjoy Mediterranean cuisine with a modern and avant-garde touch, in a special setting in its 17th-century caves. On the other hand, you can choose to taste their delicious dishes that they offer on the menu or choose the «Boutique Menu» with which you will enjoy eight select and special dishes.


Boat ride through the Retiro

One of the plans that never fails is the Retiro boats. In addition to being one of the most touristic places in the capital, it has a charm that attracts its visitors. Enjoying a pleasant walk around the pond with your partner can be a very romantic date and also fun since you can take a bag of bread with you and feed the ducks. A perfect Sunday afternoon!


Drive-in Madrid RACE

Going to the movies is still one of the plans that many couples make. Rainy days are usually the perfect day to invite your better half to see the latest premiere of the most romantic or the most terrifying movie. Sometimes, the movie theaters are full and the tranquility offered by the silence of the cinema turns into murmurs and overwhelms inside the rooms.

Drive-In Madrid to relax

Therefore, Madrid offers the perfect alternative; the Madrid Drive-in theater near the towers of Plaza Castilla where all movie lovers can enjoy their favorite film outdoors and inside their vehicles, with all the privacy they need to relax.


With these plans, it is very difficult that the couple’s tensions are not dissuaded. You already have plans for this weekend!


If your desire was to find the ideal place to relax, Madrid may surprise you more than you expected and, without a doubt, you have a choice. Not everything was going to be tourism and activities surrounded by people. Alone or accompanied, enjoy a relaxing experience in the capital of Spain!

At Barbieri Real Estate, specialists on rental housing, we offer you properties in the neighborhoods of Aravaca, Chamberí and Salamanca. Discover all our offer of available  apartments in Madrid.

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