Rental Housing in Sotogrande

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Rental Housing in Sotogrande

Rental Housing in Sotogrande Urbanization belonging to the Spanish municipality of San Roque in the Campo de Gibraltar region. The multiple sports facilities, geographical location, climate, environment and the hotel offer of the area have led to it being considered one of the main luxury residential areas of Andalusia, Spain and even Europe.

It has extraordinary tourist infrastructures such as the Valderrama golf courses, Sotogrande, marina, polo clubs, and a complete hotel and accommodation offer.

Today, Sotogrande is illustrious for its varied sporting facilities. it’s 5 golf courses in Europe, Valderrama Golf Club, host the  Volvo Masters and therefore the 1997 Ryder Cup, Club Diamond State Golf, Almenara, La Reserva,  and a Golf Academy; six polo fields closely-held by the Santa María Polo Club; 2 court game and Padelcourt game Clubs and therefore the SotoTennis Academy; the sports implement Centre, that focuses on padel  and therefore the Octogono that focuses on tennis,  and 2 Beach Clubs (Cucurucho and Octogono); a Kayak / Sailing Club, Riding stables and a busy dock.

Sotogrande: The creation of the resort

Rental Housing in SotograndeThe creation of the Sotogrande area within the borough of San Roque came about through a series of fortunate circumstances in 1962. A marketing director for the airline Swissair decided to give away free tickets to a few loyal customers. One of these lucky individuals was Fredy Melian, an executive of the Ayala Corporation in Manila, Philippines, who decided to make the most of this opportunity by visiting Spain, the country of his forefathers.

By chance, his boss Joseph McMicking called him the night before his departure to entrust to him an important task: to find a plot of land in the Mediterranean basin for the construction of a luxury resort. Although this meant that Fredy’s holidays were over, it was a crucial step towards the creation of the globally renowned residential area of Sotogrande and one that would see Fredy soon rewarded with the leadership of the company.

The goal was to find a large estate with at least one kilometre of coastline, as well as abundant water reserves and easy accessibility. The first option identified by Melian was to purchase almost the entirety of Isla Formentera in the Balearic archipelago. However, he decided to travel the length of Spain’s Mediterranean coast by motorbike and he collected the proposals that he would take back with him to the Philippines.

After meticulously studying the different options, Joseph McMicking and his nephews Jaime and Enrique Zobel decided to buy the Paniagua estate, situated in the borough of San Roque, very near to the Rock of Gibraltar. In this location there was enough water available thanks to the Guadiaro river, a nearby airport in the British Overseas Territory and the option to buy the adjacent estates: Sotogrande, Conchudo and Valderrama.

The authorities of the Franco regime didn’t hinder McMicking’s plans for Sotogrande, despite this being an era when foreigners were not permitted to buy land without the consent of the armed forces. Also, the location of the resort within a sensitive area miltiarily – if you consider the proximity to Gibraltar and Morocco – would’ve suggested a different attitude to the development but fortunately this wasn’t the case.

The perfect tourist destination of today and tomorrow

Rental Housing in Sotogrande

Nowadays Sotogrande has 4 of the 9 golf courses in the borough of San Roque: Valderrama (number one in continental Europe), Royal Sotogrande Golf Course (number 7 in continental Europe), Almenara Golf and La Reserva Golf Club.

In addition, 6 of the 9 polo fields of Santa María Polo Club are situated in this residential area.

That’s not to forget the other top class sport facilities nearby such as the Sotogrande Marina, which is perfect for those that love sailing and nautical sports, and includes the Real Cub Marítimo de Sotogrande amongst it’s state of the art facilities.

There are also tennis and padel clubs: Sotogrande Racquet Center and El Octógono, an equestrian centre, Centro Hípico Sotogrande, and two beach clubs, El Cucurucho and El Octógono.

Furthermore, Sotogrande is home to some of the most luxurious hotels in the borough of San Roque: Hotel Almenara ****, Hotel Sotogrande **** and Hotel Club Marítimo Sotogrande ****. Almenara also has its own spa and wellness centre: Sotogrande Health Resort

Finally, in a commerical sense, Sotogrande and the surrounding Guadiaro Valley area has a range of shops and other businesses for tourists and residents in the following locations: Puerto Sotogrande, Supercor/ Sotomarket shopping centre, Paniagua shopping centre/ Plaza Blanca, Mar y Sol shopping centre and in Pueblo Nuevo the Sotovila shopping centre.

Sotogrande has undoubtedly become a model resort for residential tourism and a paradise for those that are looking for a holiday destination synonymous with quality and tranquility, far away from mass tourism and the consant flashing of cameras.

Barbieri Real Estate offers Rental Housing in Sotogrande

The barbieri houses in sotogrande are perfectly furnished and have all the amenities for you to spend a luxury vacation. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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