How to live in Toledo and work in Madrid

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live in Toledo and work in Madrid

Just 70 km from the capital of Spain, there is a beautiful city called Toledo. Each situation is a world but the truth is that many people, who work in Madrid, decide to live away from the city but, also, close to her. 

One of the main reasons is the economic factor. Buying or renting a home in Madrid can result in being more expensive than the offers in other cities and that factor conditions people in the election of their first home. 

Therefore, Toledo relies on the big advantage of offering houses cheaper than in Madrid. On the other hand, her geographic location is perfectly communicated with Madrid and that permits their residents to get around, without problem, to work at the capital every day. 

From Barbieri Real Estate, specialists in rental housing, we offer you a wide repertoire of options that will allow you to work, comfortably, in the capital of Spain and live near her, in a beautiful city filled with characteristics for your well-being. 

live in Toledo and work in Madrid

To live in Toledo opinions

There is a great infinity of opinions about the experience of living in Toledo. The truth is that most of them agree on the city offers a good quality of life, in comparison with other cities like Guadalajara or Illescas because of the high tourism that Toledo has. 

On the other hand, the countless slopes and the opinion of the people about “the big distance between some neighborhoods and others”, leads to the affirmation the people has the necessity of use the car or the public transport to move; although in comparison to the people who are accustomed to move by Madrid, won´t result them complicated moving on foot.   

However, most opinions agree that the best zone to live is the Barrio of Santa Maria of Berquerencia, considering that it stands out by their spacious green areas, sports facilities, bar areas and stores… It defines this neighborhood as his quality of life. 

It’s obvious that each opinion is unique and personal, but those points of view in which the majority is outlined can make that your election about your residence area will be the most appropriate. Try first and then give your opinion! 

opinions live in Toledo

Where live in Toledo

The Polygon and Santa Bárbara are two of the neighborhoods more densely populated in this city, because of the improvements that have been made in recent years and have designed this zones, as pleasants places to live with green areas and children’s areas.

Even so, to live with children in Toledo can take you to choose La Legua or Valparaíso; two other areas of Toledo that shine for their proximity and accessibility to indispensable places on every day: schools, supermarkets, pharmacies, hospitals, leisure places…

After all, each zone has their strong points and their weak points, but those basic and necessary  qualities that collect these neighborhoods, draft an agreeable lifestyle to rest after a hard day at work in the city of Madrid.   

where live in Toledo

You can live in Toledo and work in Madrid

The possibility here isn’t an effective answer. The real answer is a decisive yes. The diversity and big laboral offer that Madrid provides makes her a place with many possibilities to find a job. 

If you live in Toledo and your job is in Madrid, you don’t have to worry because your displacement will be comfortable and favorable for you. The easiest option is to take the car and go every day to the capital but, doubtlessly, the most expensive considering that the high gasoline prices and the daily parking meter of the capital can be converted into your ruine. So, don´t worry because public transport will be your greatest partner. 

Don´t get frightened thinking about the discomfort of take a bus or a train every day, so presently and advance technologies these means of transport are converted in a vehicle that includes all the amenities that you need to arrive to the work with charged batteries: you can take advantage of the wifi´s bus or train to progress that left work half done the previous day or you can taste an appetizing breakfast in the train cafeteria that produces in you the necessary energy. 

Live in the old town of Toledo

As time goes by the old town of this city has decreased in their number of inhabitants, which have prefered move away to another neighborhood that provides them other qualities that make up the life quality for them: areas that have more public services and commercials or the inconveniences that suppose to live in the old town for them, with little modern houses.  

In spite of this disadvantage, the heart of Toledo is still the inspiration of many people that choose this area to live. Moreover, the beauty of this zone is to forget the car and enjoy their streets always full of life, with tourists that, doubtlessly, come to fall in love with Toledo.  

old town Toledo

You can’t stay with the doubt of living that experience that hooks you to the old town of Toledo.

Benefits of living in Toledo

This historical city shines by its tranquility regarding the crowded streets and the interminable traffic jams of Madrid, one of the benefits of making a life in Toledo. A nice and historic city that was chosen as world heritage on February 26, 1986 and a simple and agile place that will allow you to walk anyplace of the city.    

Its tourism has nothing to envy that of other cities, as their streets are lost in history. Enjoying the exquisiteness of the Alcázar of Toledo and the cathedral. Definitely, other two obligatories stops go through the promontory of the “Rock Tarpeya”, where you can enjoy almost hundred sculptures and many drawings from the protagonist and artist of the place: the Victorio Macho Museum; however, another important visit goes through the Cretan artist, Doménikos Theotokópoulus, to whom the house-museum is dedicated: Museum of Greco, a true work of art that compiles the first half of the 20th century and the dissemination of the figure of El Greco.  

If that were not enough, you will be able to take even more advantage of the beauty of Toledo in their two festivities, which are celebrated on a large scale: The Big Week of Corpus and the Romeria of the Virgin of the Valley. 

benefits Toledo

So, your work will be in Madrid, but Toledo´s life is crying out for you and you know you can´t turn it down. The city of three cultures is your next residence, well… Toletum is waiting for you!

At Barbieri Real Estate, specialists on rental housing, we offer you properties in the neighborhoods of Aravaca, Chamberí and Salamanca. Discover all our offer of available flats in Madrid. 

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