The best schools in Madrid’s Chamberí neighborhood

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colegios privados chamberí

One of the main fundamental questions that all families with children ask themselves when choosing an area to live in is usually the educational centers or schools where the youngest members of the family can go to study. 

In this sense, both finding a good school and the proximity of them, is usually a key point for the choice of a neighborhood. 

Therefore, the choice of a school for the education of the youngest children has become a real reason why so many families reside in one area or another of Madrid. Many of the best schools are usually located in good areas of the capital and the neighborhood of Chamberí is an excellent choice for all those families who are looking for an area of Madrid where they can live happily, in the heart of the city, with all the advantages of the central neighborhood and which also has a wide variety of schools.

At Barbieri Real Estate, specialists in rental housing, we show you some of the best schools in the neighborhood of Chamberí, for younger children to learn about. 

colegios privados chamberí

Live in Chamberí is an absolutely frenzy

Before excluding from your mind any doubt that prevents you from looking for an apartment in the neighborhood of Chamberí, we want to show you some of the advantages that this district offers and that will not leave you indifferent. 

Transport is often an important aspect that all families take into account when choosing a place of residence. For that reason, no worries because Chamberí has many forms of transport: from the Madrid metro, with several lines around it; 24-hour bus lines, which you can reach any area of the capital and of course, the option of stroll to many nearby places.

In addition, the neighborhood of Chamberí offers a lot of peace of mind, thanks to its large green areas, with several parks, such as the Park of Santander or the Gardens of Enrique Herrero and highlights the high number of centers that bet on sport as the Leisure and Sports Center Third Deposit of the Canal of Isabel II.

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The best private schools of Chamberí

Private bilingual School Fem School

Madrid has several bilingual private schools where to study and in Chamberí is one of them. Founded in 1957 by Don Juan José Vila, the educational teaching offered by this center enjoys an innate prestige, because from the age of four to eighteen years, the students of the Fem School receive an education focused on English, as a fundamental and main language for their academic formation. 

They can also choose French or German as a second language of study. On the other hand, this school educates students according to a series of moral and educational values that prepares them for their university stage. It may be said that most of their students finish their studies, with the Proficiency title from the University of Cambridge.

Likewise, the center boasts unbeatable facilities, with four buildings where the subjects taught it, are not everything. From a young age, parents can opt for a wide range of extracurricular activities, such as: chess, mental calculus with Japanese abacus, robotics…

Fem School also stands out for their sports facilities. The school has access to the club Mentema, located in Boadilla del Monte, where students can practice all kinds of sports: tennis, football, riding, roller hockey, ballet, martial arts, swimming… 

Undoubtedly, an educational center that has many qualities.

colegios concertados de chamberí

Private School el Porvernir

The Porvenir School is another of the outstanding schools in the Chamberí area of Madrid. 

From Early Childhood Education to Baccalaureate, students receive a complete teaching under the motto: «We educate for life». The center offers personalized teaching which accompanies the student at all stages, taking into account his or her academic and personal training, in order to achieve the best integration of children into society. 

It should be noted, those who so considers el Porvenir, as «central axes» in their education: 

  • Self-awareness 
  • Sociability
  • Commitment to duty

The facilities of the center have all kinds of places where children can grow up accompanied, at all times. Thus, they have a large historic building full of spacious classrooms and three sports courts; a classroom «multisensory aimed at psychomotor skills», promoting the psychology of movement in children; a good laboratory for all those teenagers who opt for the scientific branch and various spaces for the use of technology and computing, which since childhood is implemented: iPads, digital whiteboards, computers…

Another option that you can´t miss, where your children will be more than accompanied by good facilities and a full teaching team, which is offered by Porvenir´s School.

The best charter schools in Chamberí

Charter school Maristas

From 1902 to the present, the education provided at the Maristas School has been based on Catholicism and entitled by the Institute of the Marist Brothers.

Religion is transmitted through values. From the most ancient and instigated by the founder of the Congregation of the Marist Brothers, Marcellin Champagnat, to the most current values such as solidarity or ecology. In this way, they define themselves as a place characterized by familiarity, simplicity and «affection for virgin Mary», as the founder Marcellin Champagnat impregnated. 

The education that your children can receive in this center envisions a welcoming and healthy environment where they can grow and enjoy the best of the school stages.

colegios concertados chamberí

Immaculate Marillac School

Educational innovation is a strong point that optimizes the teaching provided by schools. For this reason, the Immaculate Marillac School bases its teaching on an innovative project entitled COMPAS, which corresponds to the words commitment and passion. 

Through this project, the school’s leaders are working towards its pedagogical future by fulfilling four objectives:

  • Motivating students to increase their commitment to learning.
  • Advocating diversity and promoting non-discrimination.
  • Dynamism in the teaching provided by the teachers.
  • Offering the highest quality in the education provided by the center.

A special project, focused on the personal growth of the students and in the heart of the Chamberí neighborhood.

The best public schools in Chamberí

Bilingualism is not only an aspect of private schools, but many of the public schools in Madrid enjoy a bilingual education.

Rufino Blanco School of Chamberí 

In the Rufino Blanco center, education is completely adapted to the present and modernity of the 21st century; giving priority to aspects such as technological, informative and communicative development, commitment to the environment and the prestige of growing up with an education in English. 

Sports are another of the highlights of this school. They work with the students in the development of physical education. In addition, we want to highlight their commitment to learning about movement in sustainable transport. A commitment to care for the environment that seeks to promote, for example, the use of bicycles for mobility resulting in a fun and effective way to play sports. This is how the center defines it, as a «stars project».

San Cristóbal de Chamberí public school

The quality that defines the San Cristóbal school stands out for the challenges posed to students during their stay in the institution. 

There are four challenges: the promotion of cultural values in teaching, teamwork, transferring theoretical knowledge into practice and encouraging the student’s ability to act on their own.

The center is clearly committed to music. Therefore, they have an orchestra in the center, composed of instruments such as violin, cello, viola and double bass. Music is a fun and instructive activity, from which the student can obtain many benefits in the educational field.

Undoubtedly, this list brings together some of the best schools in the neighborhood of Chamberí in Madrid. And, although it is true that the Madrid neighborhood has many schools and all of them have different educational proposals, betting on Chamberí is a good choice for families with children.

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