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Getting around Madrid is much easier than it may seem. If you are going to move within the M30 (ring road, with freeway characteristics that surrounds the center) it is best that you forget the car and opt for public transport, cab, bike or motorcycle…

Applications to get around by bike

There are more and more kilometers of bike lanes in Madrid. The bike is an ecological and healthy option to move freely around the city.


bicimad moverse por madrid

BiciMAD is a type of public transport that, as in other Spanish capitals such as Barcelona or in many European cities, offers the citizens of Madrid the possibility of renting public bicycles 24 hours a day to move around the city in a more environmentally friendly way.

To become a BiciMad user, you have to sign up on its website, in Madrid City Council offices, on the official mobile app, by calling 010, or at the BiciMad stations themselves. We will be given a code by email or SMS that will allow us to get the card at any BiciMad totem.

If you live in Madrid you can opt for an annual pass while if you are visiting or sightseeing you can purchase a card for one, three or five days.

Transportation applications

Madrid has an integrated public transport system, a world reference. The integration in the Regional Transport Consortium of Madrid of the functions of planning, coordination of infrastructure and services and fare policy facilitate the provision of an efficient and quality service for citizens. The people of Madrid have several alternatives to make our trips in a fast, comfortable and accessible way, combining different complementary modes of transport to reach any point in the Region.

EMT Madrid, Cabify, Uber and MyTaxi

emt moverse por madrid

Madrid is practically all connected by bus. There are more than 180 day lines and almost 30 night lines.

Buses are modern, comfortable and have free wifi.

They are an excellent option if you know the lines. If not, you can use the EMT Madrid app that will suggest the lines to use to get to your destination.

The single ticket costs 1,50€. You can buy it on the bus and pay with credit card, cell phone, or cash (they do not accept tickets over 5€ for the change).

There are also several passes. The Metrobus (you need a multi card) allows you 10 trips at a price of 12.20€ and the Bus+Bus which costs 18.30€ also allows you 10 trips with a line transfer for each trip.

On the other hand, the tourist ticket allows you to use the urban bus network.

The schedule goes from 6:00 in the morning until 23:30 at night, and Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from 7:00 to 23:00. After this time, night buses or «búhos» operate.

Frequencies are very variable depending on each line and time of day.

To check routes, schedules, prices and other questions you can download the official application «EMT Madrid» or consult the official website.

Cabify and Uber work like a cab except that you must use an app to order them. The rates nowadays are usually similar with the exception that with the apps you will know the cost a priori.

The former MyTaxi is FREE NOW, the super mobility app with the widest selection of vehicles for consumers in Europe. More than 56 million users in 16 markets and around 170 cities move freely from A to B, accessing the widest selection of mobility options available in one app.

Apps for getting around in rental cars

Carsharing companies such as Car2Go, Emov, Zity and Wible operate on the basis of ‘free floating’, i.e. the user accesses any of the cars parked in Madrid via their phone to rent them.

Cooltra, IoScoot

Cooltra offers scooter and motorcycle rentals according to your needs: by minutes, by hours, by days and by months.

IOScoot scooters are of the model «Going Green The Core» 100% electric. Their power is 125 cc or 49 cc and they have a load capacity of 150 kg. Approved for 2 persons, the scooter is equipped with HERE navigation system and WI-FI free connection.

ecooltra moverse por madrid

Walking applications

If your thing is to walk around the city because you love walking or you are sightseeing and do not want to miss anything in the city do not forget to leave home with your mobile full of battery to be able to use the GPS with peace of mind.

Google Maps

Using Google Maps gives you the fastest routes on foot and also shows you the points of interest along the way. What starts to rain? You can go in for a coffee or take the nearest subway that will take you to your destination.

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