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Working in Madrid as a foreigner or coming from another province within Spain, can be overwhelming at times. You may come from another big city but if you come from a small city, Madrid’s almost 7 million inhabitants can be a bit of a shock. Madrid has 21 districts to choose where to live: you will find more information in post “Barrios de Madrid”. Relax, in this post you will find why Chamberí it is the best place to live and work in Madrid.

Chamberí best place to live and work in Madrid: neighborhood life without the hustle and bustle of the city center

Chamberí best place to live and work in MadridWorking in Madrid and living in Chamberí is a luxury. Chamberí is a district organized administratively into six neighborhoods:

  • Gaztambide
  • Arapiles
  • Trafalgar
  • Almagro
  • Ríos Rosas
  • Vallehermoso


It is part of the so-called central core of the city and has a population of close to 150,000 inhabitants.

It is a very well communicated district thank to the Moncloa Interchange and the Nuevos Ministerios suburban train station. You will find very easy going to work by public transport without having to worry about traffic or parking. You could go easily across the city. And it´s near to city center, you easily could reach the royal palace and other monuments.

What is the best thing about the Chamberí district for someone new to Madrid? That answer is easy, the neighborhood life. Chamberí is part of the traditional Madrid. Chamberí is full of opportunities whether you want to live a quiet life or you like to go out at night. Of course, you will not find as much tourist hustle and bustle as in the city center. A real luxury.

The district is still characterized as residential, so it has maintained much of the traditional trade. In the neighbourhood you will find yourself very confortable. Fuencarral street is full of stores as well as Bravo Murillo street. It also maintains the food markets of Vallehermoso, Andrés Mellado, Chamberí and Alonso Cano. If you like shopping at the market, shopping without leaving your neighborhood, contact with traders, Chamberí is your neighborhood.

Canal theaters Barbieri Real State
Canal theaters

Culture also has its place in Chamberí. The district is home to two of  Madrid’s legendary live music venues: the Clamores (Calle de Alburquerque) and Galileo Galilei (Calle Galileo / Calle Cea Bermudez). Movie buffs and culture lovers will find very interesting the programs of the Sala Berlanga in Gaztambide and the Canal theaters on the corner of Cea Bermudez and Bravo Murillo streets.

Working in Madrid also requires rest and distraction and Chamberí is ideal for this. The Ponzano area is fashionable and popular with young people. It has become a place of pilgrimage and usual foodies. It is essential to go at least once if you live and work in Madrid.

Why Chamberí is the best neighborhood if you telework

Working in Madrid today means in most of the times teleworking. An option that years ago was very common in certain sectors, at least one day a week, has become the normality of the most diverse sectors. Living in a neighborhood like Chamberí will allow you to live the neighborhood life and enjoy a diverse leisure a few meters from your home as you have been able to read in the previous section.

Chamberí : to live and work in Madrid with your family

Parque del Canal Barbieri Real State
Santander Park

Working in Madrid does not have to mean abandoning family life. If you have moved to Madrid with your family you want to know what areas offer: parks, green areas and other spaces where you can enjoy with your family.

The south of the district is a little poorer in facilities and parks, however, the northern part of Chamberí has several parks and the Santander park. This park allows you to walk as well as practice soccer and paddle in its facilities. Nearby there is a large gym with spa and spa that offers programs for the whole family.


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