5 reasons to study in Madrid

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reasons to study in Madrid

The minds of young people can be defined as an amalgam of concerns. The arrival of their university stage is a fundamental part for young people, since the choice of the professional career and the university are two fundamental aspects that will define their future. 

The choice of the institution where to study a degree is of vital importance and in Madrid there are some of the best universities to study a degree. 

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reasons to study in Madrid

Reasons to study at Madrid

The quality of education offered by Madrid’s centers is recognized worldwide and constitutes one of the “best training in research, technology and innovation”. In addition, Madrid universities are ISO (International Organization for Standardization) certified, guaranteeing the quality and safety of their facilities. 

It is also worth mentioning the study carried out in 2012, which stated that more than 10,000 international students chose Madrid as a place to study. This is not only a great advantage for the capital’s universities – the boom in international students demonstrates the quality of the courses – but also indicates that Madrid, thanks to its cultural diversity, is a very attractive place. 

reasons study in Madrid


In this sense, it is important to note that studying in the capital is not only a great decision because of the variety and quality of education it offers, it is also a great decision because of the capital’s lifestyle. Full of young people, Madrid allows you to enjoy an unbeatable lifestyle thanks to its good weather, its endless cultural events or its desirable leisure. From a good morning coffee in the vicinity of the Retiro, to the irresistible calamari sandwiches that can be found in the mythical taverns surrounding the historic Plaza Mayor, to the countless parties that accompany the great Madrid nightlife.

Where and what to study in Madrid?

The architecture degree prepares the students to be real professionals who are passionate about the art of design, besides counting on a big ability to carry out a construction project.

There are four essentials elements go with the pupil during all their formation: 

  • The creativity
  • The imagination 
  • The notion of architectural history
  • The art

Furthermore, this degree offers a multitude of specialities for the student, like the field of draftsman or restorer. 

study arquitecture


Therefore, one of the best options to study this degree in Madrid comes from the Polytechnical University of Madrid, in the polytechnic school of Architecture. Evidence of it is her position number 50 at the universities QS ranking (Top Universities), as one of the best universities in the architectural world, at global scale. 

However, the public university isn´t the only option because the private university can be a great alternative and it is the Camilo José Cela University, since its position among the best private universities in Spain is number 7. 

To create experiences in every those that put their trust in him, define licensed architecture and his destiny is in Madrid. Find out and make into a real artist!

Study nursing in Madrid

The main requirement of this university career is defined by the vocation that one must have in it. Its students are prepared to acquire extensive knowledge of the healthcare world, to deal closely with patients and to help others. 

In addition, it offers a wide range of job opportunities, from public hospitals to private hospitals, as well as senior centers and various residences. 

Therefore, you can opt for this degree from the European University of Madrid, which includes a rigurose and complete offer.  This center includes large facilities for the health branch, as highlighted: her laboratories, her simulated Hospital with consultations, emergency department, operating room, ICU, rooms with 3D anatomical models… What is more, their studies are focused on personalized service and consequent comfort on each patient. 

study nursing 


On the other hand,  the top public universities in Madrid,  the Autónoma University which is followed by Complutense University of Madrid, which offers flexibility in the students´ timetable, being able to choose morning or afternoon turn classes. In addition, it offers the possibility of realizing practices of a prestigious Hospital 12 of October, one of the best in the Community of Madrid. 

Now you have every reason to study in Madrid because if the patients are your vocation, the essence of nursing is within you. 

Study graphic design in Madrid

Young people who decide to study graphic design will be able to turn into real visual communicators, getting big knowledge to give substance through audiovisual format. Innovation and creativity will make big artistic creations from their projects; it can be asserted that: “their mind is a blank canvas facing each new project”. 

In Madrid they can find their place because the capital counts on some specialized centers in the subjects. It should be pointed out the CEI, high school in Graphic Design, a private university where the highest advantage is the close manner that it offers to their students, being groups from eight to fifteen students, in classrooms and technological innovation is completely integrated in the center

Another option is studying at ESDI, high school of Design in Madrid, public university with a big variety of specialities inside of the design world, like: graphic, fashion, interior designer… and, if that’s not enough, you can continue your studies there, with the Postgraduate in Interactive Design integrating digital media and Web Design. 

Study Graphic Design


These schools will educate students by digital brush-strokes that will lead into professionals canvas.  

Study Interior Design in Madrid

The creation of places is followed by hideout´s decoration and generates warmth of home and comfort that it requires in each space. All of that is joined by a series of beautiful values together and an important position in the elaboration of these projects. This is, doubtlessly, Interior Design

One of the best options to convert into the greatest designer will be to take the students to University of Antonio de Nebrija of Madrid, which gives a high level of employability to great companies like Loewe, El Corte Inglés or Gancedo.  

Interior Designer

Moreover, it allows students to become a member of CODDIM (Oficial School of  Decorators and Interior Designers from Madrid). All of these have added to the accompanying experience that the student is going to receive by an industry professional, during their university stage, something that will facilitate their work life opening: a mentor. 

Any one space needs a bit of an Interior Designer, so he must be educated in Madrid.

Study phycology in Madrid

Passion for mind and behavior form two key aspects which define the student´s vocation to study psychology. Help others to get solved their business, interpersonals and intergroups, listen and support them. All of these reflect the courage that this profession has to people. 

On the other hand, this degree offers the possibility of specializing in different subjects, like: clinic, health, education or social.  

Therefore, one of the best universities centers is Francisco de Vitoria University, a private university, which bets on people, with an excellent formation, has reflected on 94% of employability which their students enjoy when they conclude their university stage. Moreover, the UFV counts on prestigious departments that prepare their students in the best possible way. It stands out from their laboratories of biotechnology or their anatomic-forensic rooms.  

study pshicologyst

Moreover, students can opt to another private center which, in this case, is registered to Complutense University of Madrid. This is the Cardenal Cisneros and Psychology degree has four years duration. The student will get different abilities that will prepare him for the professional area, improving health and quality of life. 

Whatever your election opts for a public or private university, because the best psychologists are educated in Madrid.  

Even so, we can affirm that Madrid has demonstrated being a brilliant choice to study, considering that the variety of university centers is immense and extremely qualified. Both national or international students should take advantage of this great opportunity in a destiny that won’t disappoint them, and it will form a gratifying and fortunate future. Prepare your suitcase, your vacancy is waiting for you!

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