3 Plans to do in autumn in Madrid

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3 Planes para hacer en otoño en Madrid

In today’s blog we will talk about three plans to do in the city of Madrid in autumn, we remind you that we write a blog about parks and gardens in our community, which are perfect to visit this time of year https://barbieri.es/parques-que-deberas-visitar-en-madrid/

Without further ado we will start with three fabulous places to visit in our city in autumn:

El Hayedo de Montejo

The Montejo Beech Forest, one of the most unique forests in the region, was declared a Natural Heritage Site by UNESCO.

It is located at the foot of the Sierra de Ayllón, in an ancient meadow of oak and beech trees. It has a great diversity of landscapes, with about 250 hectares in size. Here we can find 800 different species of flora and 200 species of vertebrates, including roe deer, wild boar and herons, among others.


Hayedo de Montejo de la Sierra Valle del Lozoya 3 Plans to do in autumn in Madrid madrid alquiler
The Hayendo of Montojo


We encourage you to discover the beauty of this environment, but all those interested must register on the website http://www.sierradelrincon.org in advance. There is another possibility, which is to obtain authorisation in person on the day of the visit. It will only be necessary to apply for the permit at the Resource and Information Centre of the Sierra del Rincón Biosphere Reserve located at Calle Real 64 in the municipality of Montejo de la Sierra, Madrid. Permits will be issued on a first-come, first-served basis, from the opening of the office at 9.30 am until they run out.

The visits to the Montejo Beech Forest are always guided by Environmental Educators, and free of charge. However, the best time to visit it is autumn.


Patones de Arriba

There is a lot to do and see in Patones de Arriba in one day, one of the most beautiful and visited villages in the whole of the Community of Madrid.

A perfect excursion for the whole family, where you can enjoy the black architecture, go on a hiking route or eat like a king in one of its restaurants.

Considered one of the most picturesque and charming villages in Spain, Patones offers one of the most representative examples of black architecture in the region, with slate stone as the main construction element.

In Patones de Arriba we can see:

  • The Ecological Path of the Barranco (Ravine)
  • The Old Church of San José
  • Black slate houses, indispensable.
  • Tinados and Arrenes: The tinados were covered huts that were used to shelter sheep or goats. For their part, the arrenes were free access constructions made of slate and high walls that were used to sow cereal.
  • The cemetery of Patones de Arriba
  • The Washing Place and the New Fountain

Finally, as we mentioned before, we would like to recommend its hiking routes. From the village there are a number of routes that are suitable for different levels, one of the best known of which is the circular route, which leads to the Cancho de la Cabeza.


80005788f59b3bfea7663ac376ac90f6 3 Plans to do in autumn in Madrid madrid alquiler
Spectacular views from Cancho de la Cabeza


The Chestnut Grove of Rozas ,Puerto Real

This forest, located in the municipality of Las Rozas de Puerto Real, is a space included in the Special Area of Conservation (ZEC) between the rivers Cofio and Alberche and is home to the Los Morales reservoir, which supplies the towns located in the southeast of the region.

This chestnut grove is ideal for a family walk, as it is crossed by a route with wide paths and few slopes. It has centenary specimens, between 20 and 30 metres high, and if you go at the right time of year you will see how the ground is full of chestnuts, perfect for roasting in the colder months.

DSC 0011 3 Plans to do in autumn in Madrid madrid alquiler
El Castañar de Rozas


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